Children of the Light

4:32 And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. Ephesians

Kindness has always been my thing. I didn’t want beauty as much as I wanted kindness. To be honest, I was already physically Beautiful. It was not of much value  to me. Today I am glad God didn’t listen to me about taking the beauty away, instead God gave inner beauty also.

If you live on this earth you probably know that no one, or few people are out to outdo themselves in kindness. Being nasty comes easier for the flesh. One of the things you don’t feel when someone has hurt you, is to be tender hearted. God requires it of you. There were times when this scripture used to grate on my nerve and press on my soul. It was, and still is God’s command to be kind.

When God says, be kind, it is easy to think doing this will be easy. We forget that we have an adversary who will utilize the people closest to us to hurt us so we can get out of the will of God. If we remember our adversary, we will be quick to yield to the Holy Ghost and be kind anyway.

Kindness is not a function of feeling but a function of choice. Also, the Holy Spirit will keep your heart tender if you but ask Him.

And our fellowship is with the Father…

I read 1John 1, 2 & 3 this morning. As I was reading it, I was like this apostle John is super duper perfect o. See the things he is saying. All the books of John are special to my heart. It is of note too, that he was the apostle who was  boiled in oil and the frying didn’t affect his skin or life. He didn’t get burned o. He didn’t die. He’s so amazing to me.

He said, our fellowship is with the Father. I love the Father o. How can you not love someone who loves you crazy. I can’t send my son to ransom anyone o. Apparently, God can do it and has done it. Is that not love? Abi, how do you define it?

I can be so selfish sometimes. I’m getting better at fellowship with God. He’s my father o, my commitment to spending time with Him should show it. Does it? I feel like I have been running away from God. But where can I hide? I have been present but absent. Abi, you don’t talk to someone you don’t trust. But I trust God nau. Do I? My action should show it.

What is this walk sef? What is God’s will for me? His purpose. I appear to know it but do I? In all entirety, do I? My thoughts are constantly moving from topic to topic. It’s the Holy Spirit of God o, the One who knows what is in the mind of God. He lives in me o. My number 1, abi. Without the Holy Spirit, it is all meaningless because, you can’t lead yourself without guidance. Tired of “hit and miss” when I can be accurate all the time. That’s my heritage, why shouldn’t I take advantage? He’s my Dad and Be wants to help me all the time.

5:8 For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light: Ephesians

I was in darkness, alienated from the life of God but now I am connected and in union with God because of His son.

Thank you Jesus.

The beauty of being redeemed, bought, ransomed, set apart, separated for God to use.

Seems farfetched.

Too good to be true. But it is. The Holy Ghost bore witness to my spirit. Taught me. Reached me. He’s good. It’s not a cliche. He’s good to you too. Put His needs above yours. The good thing is that He puts your needs above His too. He supplies to His own standard, the standard of the covenant.

Do I understand covenant perfectly?

No. What I have understood so far has beat my imagination. He will beat your imagination too. God likes to keep His promises. I pray I yield to doing a better job keeping mine

5:18 And be not drunk with wine, wherein is excess; but be filled with the Spirit; Ephesians

I want to be full of the Holy Spirit everyday and that is why I sing. And pray. And lift my heart up to God.

He’s good.

The world teaches you distrust.

Every time I worship, I have to learn to trust again. All things beautiful lie in trusting God. He’s faithful. He’s trustworthy.

Even in salvation, you must trust that there is comfort in Christ, and truth, and love redefined. God is enough.
He gives beauty for ashes. You must believe it, you’re not believing to make it true. It is already truth, it is the mind of God.

Believe and experience!

Now for my favorite pictures in recent time.


I’m learning o!


Did you see my “Straight Outta Zion” picture on Facebook.

It’s simply fantastic, beautiful, vibrant. Reminds me of the color “orange”.



My family are in town. I have been having a fabulous time o. I think God planned this. That is why I have not blogged lately. I have been talking too much. I have 5 sisters and one brother by the way.
Great people
Fabulous people
Oaks of righteousness
The planting of the Lord
God brings light out of darkness o, He’s not intimidated. He’s a God of wonders. He does wonderful things.
He covers and shield us with His blood o. Good God.



Purpose is what life is about.
Find purpose, God given purpose, spend your life fulfilling what God has for you. That is success, God’s way


I am His treasured possession. I belong to Jesus.


His mercies are new every morning.

They are. Don’t miss the little things and you won’t miss the good ones. He’s good all over, all around.


I like this guy.


Loved the quote


God’s promise to me.


Yes, do it.

Phillipians 4:8 will change your life
Don’t be satisfied to live any kind of life when God’s best is available

Reach for more.



Reinhard Bonnke’ cracks me up all the time.

Turn your Christianity on.
Walk by faith.

If you have not met Jesus, seek Him

I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Nomination!

What does Versatile mean again? I have the meaning in my head, something about me being versatile, bringing it home to blogging, it means I can blog about many different things.

Let me get the dictionary definition.





able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

“a versatile sewing machine”

synonyms:adaptableflexibleall-round,multifacetedmultitalented,many-sidedresourceful,protean; More



changeable; inconstant.

I love blogging. I sometimes am not in touch with my emotions or thoughts until I have blogged. It helps me put my worry on paper and give it to God. Blogging helps me articulate my thoughts. I love writing. I love finding out what I think. If I am angry. What is going on subconsciously in my thought life.

On the word versatile:

I clicked the pronunciation so I can be sure I’m getting it right. I like flexible and able to adapt. It looks good on me; those words.

I was nominated by Blessing. Her blog title is BlessingShares and she does share. I have never met her physically but she comes across as warm. I perceive she’s a resilient soul winner. Her follow up is good. She writes very interesting content targeted at developing you spiritually, career, work, basically fulfilling the reason you were made. Her blog is at

Thank you Blessing for nominating me. I’m honored to be picked.

Here areThe Rules:

Thank the person who gave you this award. 
Include a link to their blog.
You could include their names too.
Nominate 15 deserving bloggers you discovered recently for the Versatile Blogger Award — you should include a link to this site.
Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself
…And answer the question of the day, if you may.
Do the above for your own nominees. Display the award on your Blog

What can I say about me? I don’t usually talk about myself. I think sometimes my inadequacies overwhelm me. Feels like the teenage years again. Well I look beyond those inadequacies to my uniqueness.

1. About Temperaments:
I’m a melancholy. Artistic, sacrificial, complete with the martyr complex. When I just got saved, I used to tell myself, Jesus has died already, and risen – there’s no need of any other. I’m dramatic. Conservative, not shy because I always manage to shed the shyness when I get on the stage to act and I’m a good one. The Holy Ghost had to do a great work in me sha, that’s all I’m saying for now. I had the melancholy weaknesses too. Always perfect, never wrong.
Let’s just say, I read the book (Why you act the way you do – by Tim & Bevery Lahaye) looked at the strengths of all the types and the weaknesses. I wrote down the strengths that I wanted and went for it. I wrote down the weaknesses and started praying to the Holy Spirit to help me eliminate the weaknesses. I hated the choleric traits but I found I needed some of its strengths so I read it too. That’s it for temperaments.

2. Laughter:
I don’t laugh. Strange abi.
I grew up used to winning. When I was winning I laughed uproariously, is that a word? When I wasn’t winning I crashed. I also had moods, I used to love  saying, I’m moody (sounds very American abi). The Holy Ghost again worked here. I learned to say what I wanted to see and unsay things not consistent with God’s word. Living a Spirit controlled life is a must now.
I learned to laugh at the devil. Really it works. The guy has been disarmed but he’s moving around seeing who he can deceive, because he can’t deceive everyone especially if they are armed. So I laugh especially as Psalm 2 says, God laughs.
I laugh with friends and family and sometimes at myself. I don’t take myself too seriously.

3. About the Gospel and my Saviour Jesus Christ:
I am born again. I am born of the Spirit. I have been baptized with the Holy Ghost.
Did I seek the Holy Ghost?
Hmmm. Those days, I didn’t even trust Him. God wooed me, God drew me. God ministered to me. The Holy  Spirit, He’s a comforter and that’s not just words. He’s more real to me than what I see with my eyes and touch with my hands. The saints must have been tarrying in prayer. The Holy Ghost used to direct me to scriptures I had never heard of, then he would send a Christian to come and teach me the specific scripture and what it means. I was like, this God takes me seriously o.

Yes o, I’m born again and proud of it.

The need for Corporate experience: 
I asked God for a year in a corporate office. The things that I learned are invaluable. I’m grateful for the time. So I’m learning to take my words seriously because God takes them seriously too. One of the things I learned is not to compromise on good excellent work, it speaks. So I don’t work so much if I’m tired, hungry or sleep deprived, it compromises excellence. Also never work at what you don’t love or enjoy doing.

5. Life taught me to write:
The only thing I love to do more than write is read. I was journaling as early as 11. I wrote novels, books, drew cartoons. I love telling stories and listening to gist. I’m hardly a talker, I’m more of a thinker. I can be having 6 conversations in my head. I learned to speak pidgin so i could include it in my books. I ask questions from people I have never met to make my
novels or articles real.

6. The importance of Family: 
My family is my #2. They are very important to me. I can do anything for them. I don’t defend myself. I don’t need to, I have a God who is committed to doing that. I defend family though. Precious family. I share faith, food, money, time, emotions etc.
My sister says, they don’t wash blood. I love my family. We serve God by choice not by default.

7. Life gave me a Passion:
Passion has always been a part of me and causes.The Holy Ghost gave my passion direction.
I’m passionate about God, sports and politics.

The passion shows up in the expression of my faith.  In the fulfilment of purpose. In my judgment of what matters and what doesn’t.

Thank you Blessing for the opportunity to write. Thank you.

Now, my Nominees are:

He writes very lovely posts. I read one on the syrophoenician woman today. Very graphic.

She’s witty. She’s smart. She’s an engineering girl. She reminds me of one of my bffs, so bold and smart. She was always telling me things about boys, what they mean and what they are about. Miss her. She’s in Yankee.

This guy is a married guy. Although he’s married he’s concerned about the gospel. Really surprising. And he doesn’t make funny passes or make you feel uncomfortable. Good blog too.

I love her name, I love her blog. She’s amazing and a delight. She’s warm and kingdom concerned.

I met her on twitter I think. She has amazing posts, very edifying. If you want to grow into the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, visit her blog. She’s pretty authentic.

This guy is funny. His posts are annoying but I keep reading them. I believe he deserves a nomination. Even though the direction i’d go, when writing, is very different from the direction he takes. Am I controlling? Maybe a little. I believe in happy ever after and I’m not changing my mind.

She writes abstract. It is a blog about a woman’s journey towards adoption. I can be intellectual and say I read it to gain perspective. Nope. I just liked the blog.

She likes my posts a lot. I read all her posts from gmail but hardly comment. The disadvantage of having a mobile phone. It is sometimes difficult to comment. I love the posts anyway. She wrote an article on being fat and the rigours that go with it. I feel bad because I have made fun of a girl for being fat but only because she was rude to my eldest sis. She never forgot but she’s forgiven me because I can be so supportive.

9. https://selahafrikcom
They share gospel music and gospel artists making waves in Nigeria and general news. I believe their lips are filled with grace because they don’t gossip or complain.

She has a very transparent blog where she shares on many things all in line with God’s word. She also loves the Holy Ghost. Her love for family is apparent on her blog too. She’s Frances.

Her words dance about in her blog. Is she poetic? I don’t know. I just know that her words run fast and they are beautiful.

She is a smart and dynamic individual and it comes across from her blog. She’s passionate about governance and empowerment. Incredibly intelligent.

She has a beautiful soul, she impacts you just by speaking to you. She has the makings of a world changer. She’s warm and a huge influencer. Her blog is just like her. Warm and lively.You come away from her blog feeling empowered.

I want to be like this guy when I grow up. He’s so committed to God. He’s all those kind of people who carry out kingdom agenda and know what they are doing.

This guy likes writing about sex. I always wonder why he likes tagging me on twitter with sex posts. They are not porn though. It is what Christians could read to prepare for marriage. I didn’t say practice o. You are on your own if you are headed in that direction.

Hello Nominees, kindly describe what ‘your faith‘ means to you, in one sentence. :D

Do have all the fun doing this…Let me know if you do :D👏

I didn’t call everyone on my page. I wish I could. This blog post is hard work. I have spent more than a day composing adjusting, extracting links. It’s satisfying. So many awesome people have interacted with my blog and I am grateful to you all. Your likes, shares and comments are a huge deal to me.

Now my favourite part. Fav pictures of the week or er forthnight.


Yes. Share only in safe places. Those places exist. Ask me if you need a safe place to share.

If you are a woman, I’ll direct you to the right resources. If you are a man I will direct you to the right resources too. I have the privilege of knowing some awesome people whose boss is God. I’m working towards getting to that place where my boss is God and He is the One I should please.


Help me O God.


Some people are easy to move. Some are harder to love. God wants me to love both. By God’s grace I am getting there.


I’m fixing my eyes on Jesus. Looking on the Son/Sun of righteousness.


I’m on my way to destination Jesus. I follow where He leads by grace.

Have a great week people.

Blogging for newbies

Wanna learn to blog?
It is easy.

Blogging can be on a whim or on a time table.

What’s been happening lately?

I’m taking a crash course on meekness and self control. I’ve been examining my life and I think I let some things go. I’m working on being more yielded to the Holy Spirit too.

What has been happening in my world?

My world is doing great by the grace of God. I carry my own atmosphere. When it comes to the world system though, they keep getting crazier. Adultery is legal in SA, Incest is legal in Germany; Gay marriage is legal in the US and all that.
Those laws don’t change the laws of God. Grateful for that. I am glad I know Jesus because I imagine how confusing it will be for those whose principles are not guided by God. They would eventually experiment and start being led by the enemy.

I love to please God. That is the one thing that was imparted to my spirit when I got baptized with the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit you receive at new birth is for development of fruit. I need the Holy Ghost so much right now. If there’s something I desire so much, its fruit. I had a dream early this year or sometime last year about fruit on a tree and I know it has some significance to me. God is interested in fruit bearing and I should be too.

God wants me meek, kind, humble, full of faith, faithful, practicing goodness, long suffering, loving, joyful, patient, and all of those things

He expects these things to increase in my life and this is my focus for the week, month, the rest of the years, developing good fruit.

I desire to fulfil the purpose of God for my life more than anything. I am preparing for it daily by the grace of God. I pray for the breathe of the Holy Spirit on my plans. I’d gladly forfeit my plans for His any time as soon as I am certain of His will.

Response to gay marriage:

Some people say, walk in love.
Some people declare their stand.

I don’t hate gay people. I hate the fact that they are influenced by the devil.

I pray daily to continually remain under the influence of the Holy Ghost. Without the Holy Ghost, without God’s presence in my life I would be just flesh and be like the rest of the world. I want to be like God, live like Jesus, be conscious of heaven and that it is my home daily. I am a visitor on the earth living amongst people who need a saviour. My heart goes out to them and I must have a corresponding action to that compassion. I must do all I can to reach them, invite them to church to meet with Jesus, give them a chance at salvation by telling them about the man who was God who came to the earth on a mission to grow up and die and a cross. The price of redemption is great. Let me share it. I receive grace to do so.

So which response is right?
Which one is wrong?

Some of my favorite pics for this week are:


I’m a new creation
Conscious of being in God’s family
A citizen of heaven
I’m born of God
Yes, I’m living the Christ life, no longer my own.


I’ve been teaching my sis this. Just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you can use words that don’t edify.

Words destroy
Words build
You’re a king and a priest
Stay conscious of what you are saying daily
God expects you to be a good steward of your words.


I want to be like Jesus all of the time.
So help me God.


Miracle are gotten and kept words
Everything you need is already inside you
Because the Holy Ghost is living in you.

If you’re born again God’s Spirit lives in you.
If you’re not, email me at and I’ll help meet the best person you will ever meet forever.


I got this from a Christian friend of mine. They are action plans to act what you believe. She trains me in certain areas.

Faith: acting what you believe.


I’m a citizen of heaven, yay!


Yes I do.
I can never love Jesus like He loves me but I love Him as much as I can right now.


Unconditional love.



God’s word


Hearing God happens naturally.
It started with waking me daily for prayer meeting cos I used to love my sleep so much.
#Grace #Discipline




God has been good.
Tough month but I have seen so much good that He’s done, I’m amazed

I would gladly live daily amazed because God has shown me The wants to do me good daily.

I’m humbled by His love.


NB: On blogging, write on what you are passionate about.


Faith & Love & Other things

Easier when it is uncomplicated. God is goodness personified so whatever you’re desiring God wants better for you.
Heb 11:6
He that comes to God must believe that He is…

The sovereign God does exist. I have come to Him and I rest secure under the shadow of His wings. My path shines brighter.

It is only difficult when self is reigning. When you let go and let God it comes easy.
I’m not perfect at walking in love but I stay willing. I’m the love child of a love God. How can I do any less?

I tried to be less committed to the church emotionally and physically but God is having none of that. He is doing so many spiritual surgeries in me and mine, I’m grateful for His goodness.

So I’m gonna walk in love in church and outside of it, my flesh don’t like it but as Jesus is my Lord and owner, I submit to His rulership. To the best of my ability and His ability.

This relationship with God is awesome. He keeps challenging my thought patterns with His word and I stay surrendering to thinking like Him all the time.

I am not certain of all things all the time but I am certain that God is always with me and doing me good all the time and working His will in my life daily. He’s leading, guiding and protecting me and mine.

Wait for it, though it tarry, it will come…

Sovereignty is a powerful word.

In God’s sovereignty He doesn’t do just anything, He does good. Look out for His goodness…

Here’s some of the things I meditated on this week:


My sister made me an aunt last month. Lord I give you glory.
Knowing family, we are all pitching in and sacrificing to nurture the new life God has blessed us with. With the help of the Holy Ghost, we will be good stewards.


Pastor Saeed is one of the persecuted Christians. I pray that he will be able to subdue His flesh and tap into the heavenly resources prepared for Him. I also pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for his wife and children.


My confidence. I heard this scripture first in February 2001. As usual I was doubting love. Independent me. I was at my wits end. Awesome Father that God is, He wouldn’t give up on me. I dialogued and dialogued and dialogued with God before trusting Him.

I asked questions tire, when he wouldn’t let go, the burden wouldn’t lift from my spirit, I told him I’d say yes. When the altar call was made, I still wouldn’t step out. I eventually surrendered on the 23rd of March while watching Turning Point at 1am. Got the Holy Spirit 6 months later and I don’t ever doubt God’s because He went to great lengths to show it and prove it. He’s always ready to answer my questions.

Got God?
If you don’t, you should seek Him and find Him and never leave Him. He’s a great friend, great Father, great protection. His staying power inspires me to have staying power in my relationship with Him.
I remember when I just graduated and was looking for a church, any church to worship Him. I woke up to rain. I had no umbrella. I convinced my sister that we can walk in the rain to go and see God. It was a 45 min walk. In the rain. When you dare God, He rises to meet your expectation. God doesn’t fit no text book or no box, He can do anything and usually does for those who would step out of their comfort zone to believe and trust Him. Above all


In God’s  kingdom, everyone is valuable. Take your place. I was worried recently that I wasn’t  reverencing God like I should. I kept putting pressure on myself until I created a distance between God and me. Devotion was difficult because I assumed God was not pleased. Maybe He wasn’t. I wasn’t paying attention.

“Son, attend to my word…”

I think I wasn’t depending on Him like I should or talking to Him. I was sure He was still interested in my life because I was getting instructions and miracles. It wasn’t enough because there was no intimacy with God. I was the ultimate sorter…laugh out loud.

I don’t know that I’m as intimate with God as I should but at least I’m talking to God again. Like “How far? What about this, is it okay with you?”
I’m talking sha


My path is shining brighter o jare
God hasn’t changed His mind
When I’ve been in His presence, the crowd doesn’t bother me.
I’m whole and complete.

Reading my bible this morning,

“Because I have set the Lord at my right hand, I shall not be moved”


“Some trust in horses and others in chariots but our trust is in the name of the Lord”.

Love Month

As the love month ends
Walking in love continues
All those stubborn enemies I will deal with you
The more vindictive you get, the more I’m gonna love you till you get tired of being onto me.
Not with natural love
With natural love, I want to smash you on the head with that big stone they used to cover Jesus tomb
See thoughts
Thank God for his mercy shall.


This week I need to remember that the enemy is the spirit behind the people and not the people
The enemy is the devil
Weapons like big stones don’t work against principalities and powers.
Prayer and love works
Lord give me grace to pray to you and not do a prayer ritual that covers the bases
Help me fellowship with you.
Help me get my engine started and feed me with utterance
Keep my cup full always
Help me keep my attention on You and away from distractions
Help me keep my prayers sincere and not impressive

I’m glad I don’t have to impress You
I’m secure in Your love.
Help me simply say:
“Papa, its Your daughter, I’m here again, I need You”

And when you say what’s been happening, “I say, everything with a huge sigh”

Then I cover it all in prayers.

I’ve been seeing God’s goodness all month long. Help me tell my Lord, thank You. I don dey talk am, e be like say e no go ever reach.

Here are my favourite pics this week.





Have a great week y’ll

May reloading


What success feels like!
It will take you down many roads, it is your prerogative to be selective and chart your course according to divine handwriting still.

I believe success is doing whatever God has asked you to do to the best of His ability.
You’re not called to do it yourself
You’re called to do it with Him.


Lovely picture. It speaks to my soul.


Being present all the time is priority. I’m extending my boundaries daily
Taking more territory by God’s grace.
Preparing daily also.


On a set somewhere in Lagos
I posted this on my Instagram account.


Some books I saw on facebook. I have read 6 of the 9. Who has read them all?

I be voracious reader. It is a blessing and sometimes a trial. Others things suffer cos I prioritise reading.


Friends, sisters, brothers, parents, those who matter.

I want to make a difference and leave my mark in the sands of time. Gaining momentum, yes I am.


I’m currently walking in love.
You wouldn’t know it just to see my life right now.
You know how the devil always tries to convince you that love aint in your spirit. Yeah, he’s doing that so I’m pressing because I know greater is He that is in me.
My spirit is loaded. I know that. I am who God says I am, I have what He says I have. I can do what He says I can do
I’m fully persuaded.

Thankful for His mercies and everlasting love. I am connected to God. I’m attached to His vine and I’m supplied by the river of God.


I say make I blog. Wetin
Night is as good as day, even better for me.

I make connections for varying reasons. Over the years, I have perceived that while some connections build you up, some tear you down. It may be weird but I feel energised just talking to some people and weakened/attacked just talking to some others.

This life we live, it is more than ordinary eye. I’m like, maybe words are right but intentions aren’t right and probably that’s a check in the spirit.

You know, the spirit of God is our standby and He communicates with our spirit so that we know when to pray, what to pray about, who to call, when and why? I pray for more sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

It is well. Greater is He that lives in me.

So many things on my mind…

I have so many shouts outs to give to loved ones but I am weary of social media and its sometimes lack of authenticity.

A dear childhood friend released her magazine today. Her mom was in the media if I am not mistaken so she was my idea of a mother & wife who works also. I am really excited about her magazine so if you’re driving back from lunch or having dinner and you see it, do collect and keep. It is excellent. Francesca does write good. She is a sister and the epitome of today’s woman. Loves God. Loves people. She’s passionate about a family and a career and most importantly wants to live a purposeful life and make a difference. I am proud of her.


I keep pictures. Beautiful pictures. I’m partial to beauty and anything that reflects His glory. I’m not a foodie but I would not mind eating this. It kooks like shrimp, egg and fruits. It looks sumptuous even though I would be filled just gazing at it all day.


By now registration is probably full. Joy Bewaji whom I share a secondary school with, author and TV personality will be speaking at the Writers Fair this Saturday. Look out for the feedback on what happened at the Writers Fair next week. Subscribe for a newsletter at

Here’s her latest book. I have not read it yet but I am looking out for it.


So that is it for today. Did I mention xenophobia? No and I won’t. My other blog will take the brunt of my emotions, burdens and prayers.

Have fun this weekend.

So many things on my mind…

I have so many shouts outs to give to loved ones but I am weary of social media and its sometimes lack of authenticity.

A dear childhood friend released her magazine today. Her mom was in the media if I am not mistaken so she was my idea of a mother & wife who works also. I am really excited about her magazine so if you’re driving back from lunch or having dinner and you see it, do collect and keep. It is excellent. Francesca does write good. She is a sister and the epitome of today’s woman. Loves God. Loves people. She’s passionate about a family and a career and most importantly wants to live a purposeful life and make a difference. I am proud of her.


I keep pictures. Beautiful pictures. I’m partial to beauty and anything that reflects His glory. I’m not a foodie but I would not mind eating this. It kooks like shrimp, egg and fruits. It looks sumptuous even though I would be filled just gazing at it all day.


By now registration is probably full. Joy Bewaji whom I share a secondary school with, author and TV personality will be speaking at the Writers Fair this Saturday. Look out for the feedback on what happened at the Writers Fair next week. Subscribe for a newsletter at

Here’s her latest book. I have not read it yet but I am looking out for it.


So that is it for today. Did I mention xenophobia? No and I won’t. My other blog will take the brunt of my emotions, burdens and prayers.

Have fun this weekend.

Renewing your mind…

I’m having a terrific Saturday
Just hanging out.

Life can be different for all kinds of people
Difficult for some
Seeming easy for that.

Just know that no matter how deep the pit
Or how dark the horizon is
The light of God’sword will shine through

It is important to know how much God loves you
After you do know, it is your responsibility to tell someone else

The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.

That grace is always available
If God brings someone to you, and you know the Lord
You are to let others know about that grace

Any little fellowship, two to ten people is a place where someone can get free.
Always pray for others
That God will reach them and redeem them through your little prayer

God loves personally and the world needs to know

One of the lessons we should teach new believers is how to renew their mind.

Pray always.

There is power in connecting with God daily
In speaking with the king of kings daily

A lot

Just a random post.

Faith and other things…

Faith abi!


I remember mouthing off on Facebook and someone said, Tessa, do a faith series.

 My heart fell inside my chest lol! I said, no. This is not my direction. I just want to live my life and just do the random thing. Live a life in the media, just not in front of the camera if I can help it. Live a good Christian life that pleases God, not just one that gets me in conflict with the body of believers. I use that word loosely cos church life is not easy for me. I love to avoid responsibility because there’s always more. You can’t set the limit. Live a life that is meaningful; just not have to deal with people and their nosiness and their idiosyncrasies and their flesh. You know sometimes I just want to be and my mom won’t let me be, my sisters won’t let me be, my family oooooohhh ughhhhr How I love them, How they get on my nerves cos I can’t set the limits.

 For me, faith doesn’t have a definition. Faith was God telling me ‘I am’ and I was like, ‘so what, you’re late, don’t bug me’. Three months later I was saved. What was faith after that? Faith was spending time with God, speaking to Him, worshipping, running from my fears and finding the one who had the answers. I remember being sarcastic and unbelieving even in my unbelieving. I remember the Holy Ghost waking me up to pray (I’m so lazy now, that has to change) giving me words to say not just tongues but real words, giving me scripture that I had never read before. My first bible was a teen study bible, I read it cover to cover (as did most of my friends) it was just so interesting and it answered so many questions in my language it seemed.


After college faith was getting to NYSC and coming back, the Holy Ghost has a way of sending people. He cushioned me to and fro and made arrangements I knew nothing about for me to be taken care of from accommodation to feeding to friends to church to leisure (I played volley ball during my NYSC year, I was one of the best in the team). Faith was having fun working for the first time in my life and still I met God’s servants in far away Ondo, forever advising. By now I had learned to just say, ‘Thank you sir or thank you ma, amen’.


After service faith was doing the right thing as usual even though I wasn’t sure why, I mean few people do the right thing anyway but oh well, my nudging says, right direction.

Faith was having dreams, not many people trust them, but what the heck make your choice, I will make mine. Faith is having dreams; I still have them, and following instructions. Why because if I didn’t follow instructions, would I follow my head?


Faith is following the step by step process God has laid down if you follow the last step. Last step? Do I skip some steps? More like stumble on some if I am not spiritually alert? Am I spiritually alert? Am I jumbled up? Am I weak?

 Child Like Faith

I don’t judge after the hearing of my eyes or the seeing of my eyes. I am on the right track. My words matter so darn much because my words are my faith. I may not always be conscious of what I am saying but my internal compass works just fine. The inward witness, hmmm hmmm, na you biko, you are Lord. Who can take Your place? There is none besides thee and none to be compared with thee.

The Holy Ghost is the greatest teacher

What is faith?

 It is not the self righteousness I sometimes feel, it is the righteousness of God and the confidence that comes with knowing I have it.

 Back to work, on Wednesday I should write something more


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