Nothing in particular and that tea ad (can you guess?)



I believe I am called to influence culture. I don’t see myself as a ministry person. I see myself as someone living life in a different way, standing out from the world’s way of doing things because I am choosing the kingdom way however unpopular it is.

I want to change the way women view themselves.

I want to change the way men view themselves too.

I want to change the way people do themselves. If you start renewing your mind daily even subconsciously, it would be progress.

I am always n the look out for progress however little it may seem, I imagine I am Elijah’s servant looking out for the cloud that would bring the first rain in three and a half years, na so.

Sometimes i wonder if putting this up actually makes a difference.

Those are the times of discouragement that don’t really last for me because I knw

I go in search of encouragement

Great people encourage themselves. I believe that you are greatness undiscovered Take your identity back. God knows who you are better than you know yourself…


I believe that you can change the world

God trusts you. You need to trust Him too.

The only way I can change the world is if I believe that I can. The only way I am ever going to change the world is if I believe that I can. I can even change my own piece of earth even if that amounts to just 12 people or 30 people or 1000 people or 10,000 people or 1 million people. The key thing is to believe that it starts with one person.

As a Christian, the fastest way to change someone else is to change you first. As a Christian, the fastest way to change someone else is to surrender yourself so the Holy Spirit can work transformation, His special brand of, “do this”, “No not that”, “Go to this place”, “Be here”, “No, I don’t want you here” brand and His knack of showing you decisions and outcomes of the decisions and seeing what you choose. See, it is still your choice but He’s leading you and yet leaving you to make the right choices. Bah! Who am I to complain? He’s good. Too good.

Romans 12:2 seems easy but it is not because it calls on you to deny yourself. To surrender. First it is the power to say the words, “I surrender to You, Jesus” then it is the power to act out that surrender daily. The word says “His commandments are not grievous” and so I will be going with His word.

I watched this video about consent and ii am going to share it. I realize that Nigerians are people who have a culture that makes talking about sex difficult but this video makes it easy. You get to talk about sex without talking about it. There, I said it.

My position is of course, a huge NO. Premarital sex is a huge no.

I once listened to a message where the preacher said part of being excellent is deciding not to have sex before marriage even if the marriage is in two weeks time. Pursuit of holiness in spite of the prevailing culture is something that is still important to God.

That said, this videos says everything I don’t know how to communicate without offending the male folks or the female folks.

Yes, enjoy and feel free to share. It is on youtube.

Nigerian App Developers Make A New App To Replace Your Paper Business Cards With A Variety Of Virtual Cards


Talentpager Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian app developer announces their latest offering, CardPager- an app that enables you create a digital business card in about 5 minutes.

The Idea:
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Using Card Pager Virtual Business Cards, you can create and share your business contact information in the form of a digital card via QR Code scanning, Pin share, Bluetooth, email, sms etc.

Cardpager Features:
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CardPager is currently available only for android users and new business card designs are regularly added to our theme store. Apps for other platforms are underway.
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Monday Motivation: Go forward


Forever – By Kari Jobe

You want to know what redemption is without the words

Who Jesus is

and how He came to the earth for you.

Listen to this.

Have a great Monday

You are making progress this week

Mountains are becoming flat grounds for you this week because of who your God is.

Just remember, because the greater One Jesus lives in you, you have all that it takes

You are complete in Him.

PS. Look out for the spoken word after about 7 minutes.

I love words, but I love words about God, they are alive and potent, they are anointed. God is so amazing. Listen to those words and see who God is to you or who He can be to you.

God is love.



Lessons: From thoughts


If God says you are blessed, you’re blessed

No narrative however intelligent sounding changes that.

Absolutes you can depend on:

With the Holy Ghost on your side, you can never be disadvantaged:

You are recreated with the nature of God. With the nature of God, you can overcome and overpower every situation, circumstance of challenge by engaging the power of your faith. Don’t ever think that you don’t have faith. Everyone who has confessed Jesus as Lord has a measure of faith, you just have to start using it. It is like a muscle, the more you use it, the Continue reading

Interesting discuss: On women and ministry in 21st century


I have tried to run from ministry. I have tried to bury my head in the sand. I have hated ministry yet loved Jesus, yes I thought I could.

I find that knowing Jesus, loving Jesus, I cannot but embrace ministry because of the great commision. God has called me to disciple the nations and there is no escape if I say that I am a follower of Jesus. My call is to do as Jesus commands. Tis the only reason I choose and agree to embrace and engage ministry.

So today i will be talking about women in ministry. I will not be talking much, instead i will be quoting Myles Munroe from the book “The Principle of Fatherhood”.

I have read the whole book. I want to focus on chapter 6: Father as Head and Leader.

I will be quoting some things written by Myles Munroe.

He started from 1 Corinthians 14:34-35




Women should remain silent in the churches.They are not allowed to speak, but must be in submission, as the Law says. If they want to inquire about something, they should ask their own husbands at home; for it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church. – 1 Corinthians 14:34-35

This silences me all the time.

It confuses me about how to behave and conduct myself in church that I may please God.

Let me type what Myles Munroe said in the book. Some will agree, some will disagree but this is what Myles Munroe said.

It is important to understand the full context of this scripture in order to appreciate the true value and impact of Paul’s admonition. In the church meetings at Corinth, there were many problems because some of the people who converted to the Christian faith came from prostitution and pagan practices. Some of the services were at the risk of becoming wild or uncontrollable if those new converts reverted to their old pagan practices Furthermore, in the synagogues, men and women were separated. The men would sit in the main area while the women sat behind them or in a balcony. In this setting, many women would ask their husbands questions about what the rabbi was teaching by speaking through a grill or from a balcony.

First, Paul was saying that God wants ORDER and decency in the church. Second, it was not CULTURALLY in order for a woman to speak in public. And third, Paul knew that when the wife went home, she should then ask her husband to answer her questions about what had been taught. The implication is that the husband should know the answer. In fact the husband should have anticipated his wife’s questions and taught her the word or law before she went to the synagogue.

Yes a woman has ministry gifts and should exercise them. The problem with women speaking in the church was a male problem. When fathers and husband fulfilled their responsibilities as as the heads of the home, women did not have to ask questions in the middle of a service. They received their answers from the head of the family who spoke with God’s voice to the family”


That was awfully long.

I cannot say that I understand everything that was written there but I like the fact that “a woman has ministry gifts and should exercise them

I think this is enough for today.

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Raw, explicit, authentic


I remember getting saved, there was nothing neat about it. It was a decision I had been coming to. It wasn’t easily done. Changing beliefs never is.

It was not taken lightly either. I used to be very self-conscious. I still am sometimes. But I had to learn to share me.

You know Galatians 2:20, yes I do too. The first time I quoted that scripture, I felt exposed because I had to let go of me and take hold of Christ. All my thought patterns and my perfect character that I so admired, or thought I did had to fall away. My careful, quiet, studious, smart, conservative personality had to fall away because I can’t be that person and still witness Christ.

My plans had to fall apart and fall away and even as I constantly make plans, God still takes apart what doesn’t look like where He is taking me to and makes it fall like a pack of cards so His plans for me can come to fruition.

It isn’t pretty, it is many times messy and unplanned but then that is God, heaven invading earth and doing the awesome things that we as human beings could never accomplish on our own. It is always for the better

Least He always makes better.

I used to be so organized. Now I still am but I expect God’s interruptions and directions.

Our hearts, the heart of man is terribly wicked. Any time you encounter another heart and you see beauty, know that that man or that women has encountered a God bigger, stronger and greater than himself or herself and that is what/who makes us beautiful.

What am I saying?

God is not someone you write a timetable for or expect Him to follow your directions. Where He leads is not always clear because He only ever gives the next step and I believe that He ue it to build trust. Getting to trust the Lord makes the journey worthwhile.

God wants my attention and He wants yours too.

More than anything else man will bear fruit easier when Jesus does the leading. I pray that I would always hear God and not have to be knocked on the head or shaken out of my course before I know what God is saying.

I am currently listening to songs by Jeremy Riddle and Glory Unseen



Oil And Gas Business Opportunity Now Open To All


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