I am always thinking.

It is my weakness and my strength when I can’t control what filters into my mind and my strength when I determine to arm myself with books and tapes and control the environment and the people I let into my circles.

I always pondering.

What does God feel? What does God think? Why does God give me the time of the day? If he didn’t what would be my faith? Why is God so good? Continue reading


Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result – I don’t know so I guess its “Anonymous”

This is the life I dreamed about when I was 11
And I am darned if I am going to disappoint my little me
I was going to be famous and an inventor
Then I was going to become a computer whiz
Then a doctor (I think after a bout with malaria)

I finally decided to become a writer
Of course I have a college degree
My mom would have killed me if I ever attempted
to drop out (which I didn’t)
I started my business finally
I am still fine tuning things
But it is called ImagineIt

Here is the ‘eye has not seen, ears has not heard, mind has not comprehended what the Lord has prepared for them who love Him but He has revealed us to us by His Spirit’.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit the conveyor of God’s blessings to the peoples of the earth, the revealer of secrets and witty inventions, thank you for your help.

I want to say that:
I am thankful for me and my purpose and God given destiny
I am thankful for the family you gave to me, imperfect but I could not ask for a more loving, more loyal family, we are just too much because God loves us tirelessly.
I am thankful for my friends who won’t let me settle for less than God’s best in work, life and all things beautiful, you challenge me to be more and I am grateful to God for you guys.
I am thankful for the LA Family, all of them, they are awesome.
I am thankful for the ones who don’t stop encouraging, Oluseun, Hopiana and Blessing.
I am thankful for Eloho, Damilar and the ever polite Daddy Fresh.
I am thankful for my twitter fam, and my wordpress fam, my blogfam are like ghost workers, I see them but they don’t comment.
I am thankful for 2014 and everything that God will be doing through me this year
I have promised 20 souls already. And a certain amount of money; they are my seeds for the year 2014, my kingdom investment.

Don’t want this to be too long, so do enjoy 2014 and make it an investment.