I am always thinking.

It is my weakness and my strength when I can’t control what filters into my mind and my strength when I determine to arm myself with books and tapes and control the environment and the people I let into my circles.

I always pondering.

What does God feel? What does God think? Why does God give me the time of the day? If he didn’t what would be my faith? Why is God so good? Continue reading


Renewing your mind…

I’m having a terrific Saturday
Just hanging out.

Life can be different for all kinds of people
Difficult for some
Seeming easy for that.

Just know that no matter how deep the pit
Or how dark the horizon is
The light of God’sword will shine through

It is important to know how much God loves you
After you do know, it is your responsibility to tell someone else

The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.

That grace is always available
If God brings someone to you, and you know the Lord
You are to let others know about that grace

Any little fellowship, two to ten people is a place where someone can get free.
Always pray for others
That God will reach them and redeem them through your little prayer

God loves personally and the world needs to know

One of the lessons we should teach new believers is how to renew their mind.

Pray always.

There is power in connecting with God daily
In speaking with the king of kings daily

A lot

Just a random post.

8 days to go… #Gi13



I’m building momentum as the days get closer


The presence of the Father

It is going to be so awesome

I’m bidding my time

It is gonna be power packed no doubt

The much waited Gi13

I can imagine how I would be after camp

Definitely I would make more iMpact

Cos I would be conformed to the image of Christ

So much more

The word i’ll hear

The ministrations, they will make me

I am already seeking the face of God everyday

I have emptied myself of all that I know

So I can receive everything there that day

The anticipation is crazy 

The world is waiting!

So I am eager to express all that is God

and by it shine the light of God

(Its the year of the Spirit)

And I am expectant!

What does God want?