Her name is Megan… #Thankful

No she is not my best friend

Her name is Megan Boudreaux. She’s a missionary.

I wrote about her here in February 2015, there is some silly story about two NYSC students that was trending at the time Continue reading


Chutzpah: Compromise is not my name

God doesn’t like compromise

He doesn’t care that you are not with the popular crowd.

God doesn’t want you to have your needs met by men, He can meet your need.

God can bless and Continue reading

Fav skit: simple lessons


I played this skit about 300 times when I found it in 2008. It is still new. Since I have grown since 2008, Continue reading

2017- It can only ge better

It doesn’t have to make sense

but in the year 2017

because of the awesome manifestations of the Spirit of the Lord

Whatever it is, it can only get better

In 2017, amidst the many displays of the flesh all over the earth

The Spirit of the Lord will triumph over the flesh

Everything in and around me comes under the influence of the Holy Spirit

Hearts of those that matter are focused only what will matter in the light o eternity

What matters to God

This is the year to go beyond people pleasing

into the very will of God

His rhema word and His agenda for the now

It is our year of great triumphs over the flesh, the world and the devil

We will joy and rejoice in the things that please God

and mourn and change our minds in the things that don’t please Him

Because we are coming into the era where the ones that resemble Christ

in heart, spirit, truth and in authenticity.

The year of double for all the trouble.


Glory to the Lord

We will shine because we move by phronesis


Why my blog is not like regular Nigerian blogs

I have always wanted to write like those bloggers that make money their focus…

I like writing. I know how to write all kinds of posts. I know how to change the focus of my writing to fit the niche that I am writing for but the moment Continue reading

The water is the Holy Ghost…

When I am thirsty I drink coke. There are times and things that a bottle of coke will not satisfy. Sometimes we are willing to take any and everything that doesn’t satisfy maybe because of ignorance or maybe because we do not want to know the Lord yet. Continue reading

All out: the greater One lives in me, and the ‘Donald’ is president

The Donald is president

Isn’t it strange that me #1 female empowerment activist is supporting Trump? It is oh but I feel no apologies because God’s kingdom agenda matters to me more than my own. My own must be intertwined with his own.


I know some people are sad, sorry. Continue reading

New words and their meanings

New word: Facsimile:

Meaning: An exact copy, as of a book, painting or manuscript, or just as God

(Italics/bold added by me)

To reproduce in facsimile, make a facsimile of

A God gives birth to a god.

whosoever is born of God overcomes the world.

Saying that Jesus is Lord is a privilege. As a child it seems as if it is a trap because you see all the expectations that God places on you because He has put some things in you that He Continue reading

The route to having fulfilled dreams…

God has a dream for each and every one. God has a dream for my family and for me. In my limited experience, when you want something to come to pass so much, you have to plant God’s word in your heart.

God wants more than me for His dream about me to come to pass. He has angels on assignment for me. Messenger angels, warrior angels, angels with a compass and a map, he has all Continue reading

WATCH: A movie to look out for

Watch the trailer and see if you would like the movie.

I already do.

It will be very interesting to see how things used to be.

Continue reading