New words and their meanings

New word: Facsimile:

Meaning: An exact copy, as of a book, painting or manuscript, or just as God

(Italics/bold added by me)

To reproduce in facsimile, make a facsimile of

A God gives birth to a god.

whosoever is born of God overcomes the world.

Saying that Jesus is Lord is a privilege. As a child it seems as if it is a trap because you see all the expectations that God places on you because He has put some things in you that He

I tell you the truth, no one can enter the kingdom of God except he is BORN of water and of the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit.


As I woke up this morning, I tried to browse but my modem wouldn’t let me. Someone resolved the issue for me though finally. I have been waiting on God, seeking His face for many things and today I hear the word facsimile. It is a word that I don’t use in speech even though I have a large vocabulary. Hello, I speak good. Just like I write good.

So I am wondering, what does that word facsimile have to do with me? I feel tired emotionally, alone in my understanding. The world system dominates people so and you ask me to reject it and choose the kingdom system like Daniel did.

You tell me that water and vegetables will do for me what all the choice meat and those sophisticated things that people do won’t do for them and I believe you.

I feel like Ted Dekker.


You need to read his books to know how crazy my thinking is. You have got to be crazy to believe that a man dying on a cross can pay for your sins and give you access to an awesome God and it’s true.

Intellectuals, I totally get you. It is easier to believe that man came from monkeys and I did, I believed that man came from monkeys but I came from my parents. Eventually you find out that even your parents aren’t that good, everyone proceeds from God and is put in the care of parents as stewards.


Even as an adult I find myself wanting to please my dad (great man, no one can carry the burdens of a whole family, village etc be unappreciated and yet still carry same responsibility. Many things I heard people say when I went for my dad’s funeral broke my heart. What you do for others they will not remember, man is infinitely selfish and impossible to satisfy). I find myself wanting to please my mom too. That shouldn’t be too difficult. You think?

So is it surprising that sometimes it would cross your mind that, wouldn’t it be great to please God?

Is that not amazing? Hmmm, what can I do to please my heavenly Father now? It would be awesome to asks in specifics but then God only gives steps. You need to trust Him and be willing to take the next step. He gives steps. Sometimes He says, not that way.

One of the most terrifying thing for me is taking a wrong step and having God go silent on me as if, “I am going to seat back there, you can probably handle the driving better than me”. LOL

He has done it a couple of times in my life.


Back to the thought at hand, what does please God?

Hebrews 11:6 says that “without faith, it is impossible to please God

I am crazy enough to believe that the only way to live is by faith. Faith is sometimes difficult but it is like putting on a light switch in a room.

Imagine preferring to seat in a dark room because it is difficult or rather it feels difficult to switch on the light.


Imagine a light bulb coming on.


How can I seat in a dark room for 25 years because it feels easier? Do I want to do that?

A thousand times no. I want to be in a lighted room all of the time. Talking about faith, it has nothing to do with what is naturally in you. Faith has to do with the Holy Ghost leading you as you read His word. Faith comes from what gets imparted to your spirit when you read the word. I should read more of the word right? Holy Spirit, dearest friend, help me get as much of the word that I need every day.

What am I doing these days?

I am experiencing new challenges in my work and excited at finding amazing solutions for them.

I feel that when I hear the problems I have to fix for the day, my brain just keeps moving and suddenly by evening I have the solutions that I need.

What really happens is that in the morning when I hear the problems I have to fix, I relax and stay at peace, by evening I find that the Holy Ghost keeps dropping solutions I could not have thought about on my own.

That is the way life is. You can list out your issues on a sheet of paper then audibly say, Father I hand over all of these issues to you, you know all things, you have every solution, help me sort through these things, bring the right people my way who are empowered to sort through these things, show me the way to the path you have prepared for me in Jesus name. I believe that You can fix everything. Fix everything Lord, show me the way in Jesus name, amen.



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I will write soon.

The grace of the Lord be upon you till we speak again and afterwards, Shalom!



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