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“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you too can become great.” ~Mark Twain

My name is Tessa Doghor

New Development:

I am learning to be soft as mush on the inside and hard as nails on the outside.

Not so sure about the nails thingy but I am certainly tougher than I used to be even though it doesn’t show on my face and wiser too.

2015 update:

I have been running my business now for 2 years and it has been a learning experience. I have so many people to learn from. I am somehow thankful my generation is not the generation that broke the glass ceiling but we have to do our own breakthrough sha. I am on course and on purpose. It makes the entrepreneurial journey worthwhile.

Me in 2011, so much has changed, my vision is certainly sharpened and my clarity enhanced.

I used to be soft as mush inside-out when I just received the Holy Spirit.

I still am.

Everything around me just seemed special so in mind, I put an halo on every Christian’s head. It wasn’t too long before I discovered that not all of them were wearing the halo all the time.

A time came when I got to cross roads, it was either abandon what I believed or stay in an imperfect church (By the way, there is no perfect church). I thought about it for so long till my head nearly burst.

(God came through. Some of the Barlow Girls songs speaks so clearly about my Christian journey). I am currently learning how to love the unbelievers to Jesus. I mean, practical love, because love wins every time. Your love wins the confidence of another and helps them trust you enough to listen when you speak.

My Christian walk took several hard knocks and I thought I was the worse for wear but I am actually the better for it. I believe in prayer much more than I did before. I believe in the Holy Ghost so much more than I did. Do I fellowship with Him enough?

The hard knocks helped me trust God more and more everyday. Trusting God is not a day’s journey, believe me!

I just want to fellowship with Him at all. I think I am away a lot of the time because I am too distracted by what is going on around me? God loves me so much, much more than I deserve and this is what fuels my passion for Him. I don’t deserve the way He loves me. So don’t waste your time asking me why I do the things I do sometimes? It is between me and Him. And when it’s not, then you know I am lost again. God never slips away but sometimes I do because there’s always those times when I feel I’m not worthy of His grace or I forget but He’s always there to remind me that we will walk this walk together. Me and you.

He’s always saying:

‘Don’t get too caught in the paper work or the internet work that you forget that I am right here waiting for you always’.

I feel so good right now. Is this a guarantee that I will always spend time in His presence? No. But I have a guarantee that any time I come, the door would be open and my abba would be waiting to spend precious time with Him so that I always know who I am!

2014: I am currently building my devotion life, I wonder when I will have it all together so that I am always constantly connected to God. I am, always, I mean, vitally, aware, conscious of Him.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

If you would like to learn anything social media related or you would love to contribute to a Nigerian website and have your bio and two links exposed to a 100, 000 subscribers, please email me at tessadoghor@gmail.com

7 thoughts on “About Tessa Doghor: Learn about me here!

  1. This is so me.. I’m always slipping in and out (not like there is any paper work or work in general).. I know I’ll be a steady Christian soon enough. Great blog, and I also think you’re awesome

    Liked by 1 person

    • My dear, I don’t know how steady I am
      I just know that I live to please Him and do what he says.
      I am naturally stubborn
      Any time you notice me being unusually obedient
      That’s the Holy Ghost
      I am created ‘contrary’


    • I do my best mehn
      I am absolutely amazing when I have been in the presence of the Holy Spirit
      and a terrorist when I haven’t
      How a 5 3′ woman can be a terrorist you will wonder but that is just the flesh,
      It can be anything but divine.



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