Currently listening to Bethel Music and Jeremy Riddle ‘Enthroned’.

Funny thing. I was introduced by my colleague who is fascinated with being a Jew. I wonder what he’s searching for.

Joy is a spirit.
I’ve got joy not just because I have a niece called Joy
But because everything I am, have and possess is under the blood. Yes, they are under the blood of Jesus.

Joy unspeakable is a gift from God I got at salvation and I acknowledge it, I act it and most especially with it, I get to fetch whatever I need from the wells of salvation.

How easy or how difficult is it to be a 21st century Christian?

I believe that it is as easy as remembering your identity in Christ. You are in-Christ, made of God, your spirit is beautiful and perfect.

Tis the real you.
Allow it rule
Allow it lead

It knows God because it comes from God.

It recognises and feeds from the word the way your body recognises hamburger or for some conc Nigerians, the way they recognise pounded yam.

Your spirit is whole, healed, complete, rich, secure, content, joyful, possessing all the rights and inheritance in Christ, having everything, your spirit has patience, kindness, joy, faith, everything is in you

Refuse to define yourself by your flesh, your flesh takes its orders from you.

Good morning
Have to run.

It’s awesome being a new creation in Christ, don’t forget your identity, it is the key to accessing all that God has given to you in Christ.

Your spirit obeys God. Your spirit is one with God’s Spirit already.

When your body obeys the Holy Spirit unknowingly or subconsciously

You can say this: I function in phronesis, my family and I function in phronesis. God knows all things and we have access to the wisdom.

If you want to receive the life of God, in other words be adopted by God, holla. My email is

I know God.
The more I know Him the more I want to know Him.

I’m not perfect but I am certain if he’s talking about me, He says, to the saints in Satellite Town.

Have a great morning




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