Her name is Megan… #Thankful

No she is not my best friend

Her name is Megan Boudreaux. She’s a missionary.

I wrote about her here in February 2015, there is some silly story about two NYSC students that was trending at the time

That haphazard story I told you about then, you can read about it here. God blessed her with diverse tongues I think, she learned how to speak Haitian Creole language just like that. Snaps fingers.

Enjoying work

Enjoying family

Settling in.

Praying for my monitoring spirits friends. It is true what they say, it is difficult to find good friends after secondary school, no primary school. But than God for the few that he allowed to get through.

Back on track. I hate being in the jungle but by virtue of coming to this earth I signed to be in the jungle of these people who fight for everything.

Do I want to be like them?

If you are like Christ then I want to be like you but if you are not like Christ, I don’t want to be like you.

The holy Spirit does not tolerate stuff. If you grieve him he goes silent. If you come back to him, he starts speaking to you again. He’s good like that. The Holy Spirit just wants to help you and guide you into all truth.

Those demons of distraction, anger, malice, anger, betrayal, slander and fear, and lust and envy will do their best to keep you distracted. You just need to know and choose Jesus all the time.

The demon of pretence, religion, false piety, drama etc will keep you away from the reality of relationship with Christ.

I need to be talking to the Lord all the time and not ignoring Him doing religion like that helps anyone. I just pray that God’s Spirit will give me grace to hear from ¬†God regularly enough and grace to pray. Pray like the Spirit wants me to. Grace to not bow to the systems of the world and compromise. Grace to be conformed to the word of God.

The beginning of Christianity is easy but walking with God has got to be done consciously. I want to walk with God. What I have been doing is not satisfactory to me. I wonder if it is satisfactory to God. Is it?

God loves me

Because He loves me, I must bring the flesh under and suffer the mortification of my flesh through the Spirit. I pray that I would walk in the Spirit and let the flesh go. Let the desire to let others know i am right go, let the desire to trust blindly go.

The world is darker

but the Lord will arise upon me and His glory will be seen upon me.

In Jesus name, amen

If you want to give to her work in Haiti, click here. God bless you.



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