Raw, explicit, authentic

I remember getting saved, there was nothing neat about it. It was a decision I had been coming to. It wasn’t easily done. Changing beliefs never is.

It was not taken lightly either. I used to be very self-conscious. I still am sometimes. But I had to learn to share me.

You know Galatians 2:20, yes I do too. The first time I quoted that scripture, I felt exposed because I had to let go of me and take hold of Christ. All my thought patterns and my perfect character that I so admired, or thought I did had to fall away. My careful, quiet, studious, smart, conservative personality had to fall away because I can’t be that person and still witness Christ.

My plans had to fall apart and fall away and even as I constantly make plans, God still takes apart what doesn’t look like where He is taking me to and makes it fall like a pack of cards so His plans for me can come to fruition.

It isn’t pretty, it is many times messy and unplanned but then that is God, heaven invading earth and doing the awesome things that we as human beings could never accomplish on our own. It is always for the better

Least He always makes better.

I used to be so organized. Now I still am but I expect God’s interruptions and directions.

Our hearts, the heart of man is terribly wicked. Any time you encounter another heart and you see beauty, know that that man or that women has encountered a God bigger, stronger and greater than himself or herself and that is what/who makes us beautiful.

What am I saying?

God is not someone you write a timetable for or expect Him to follow your directions. Where He leads is not always clear because He only ever gives the next step and I believe that He ue it to build trust. Getting to trust the Lord makes the journey worthwhile.

God wants my attention and He wants yours too.

More than anything else man will bear fruit easier when Jesus does the leading. I pray that I would always hear God and not have to be knocked on the head or shaken out of my course before I know what God is saying.

I am currently listening to songs by Jeremy Riddle and Glory Unseen




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