Win N50,000


You can win N50,000

For me, this is the year that I am three times better, make three times more, love three times more, serve three times more, sow three times more, reap three times more or more.

How do we reap these good things?

If we are going to make three time more, it only goes to say that we are taking advantage of

Some of the ways that we use opportunities that come our way that we don’t want is by sending it to the people who do.


To participate, click the link: Sweepstakes details

I do freebies a lot. I love free credit, free data, free money, free coupon, free clothes and shoes and bags and accessories. Is there a company that does that all the time? That is so my dream company.

Pix 12

So let’s share a fun video after the faith wednesday.
Everyone is always wondering if they have faith, the bible says that you do. Romans 12:3 talks about the faith that God gave to everyone. The only thing to do now is use your faith daily.

The video I am sharing is a Bethel video.

Love love Jesus.

I pray that one day you will get to know Him and love Him as I do or more.



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