I got nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award

The Versatile Blogger Nomination!

What does Versatile mean again? I have the meaning in my head, something about me being versatile, bringing it home to blogging, it means I can blog about many different things.

Let me get the dictionary definition.





able to adapt or be adapted to many different functions or activities.

“a versatile sewing machine”

synonyms:adaptableflexibleall-round,multifacetedmultitalented,many-sidedresourceful,protean; More



changeable; inconstant.

I love blogging. I sometimes am not in touch with my emotions or thoughts until I have blogged. It helps me put my worry on paper and give it to God. Blogging helps me articulate my thoughts. I love writing. I love finding out what I think. If I am angry. What is going on subconsciously in my thought life.

On the word versatile:

I clicked the pronunciation so I can be sure I’m getting it right. I like flexible and able to adapt. It looks good on me; those words.

I was nominated by Blessing. Her blog title is BlessingShares and she does share. I have never met her physically but she comes across as warm. I perceive she’s a resilient soul winner. Her follow up is good. She writes very interesting content targeted at developing you spiritually, career, work, basically fulfilling the reason you were made. Her blog is at http://www.blessingshares.wordpress.com

Thank you Blessing for nominating me. I’m honored to be picked.

Here areThe Rules:

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What can I say about me? I don’t usually talk about myself. I think sometimes my inadequacies overwhelm me. Feels like the teenage years again. Well I look beyond those inadequacies to my uniqueness.

1. About Temperaments:
I’m a melancholy. Artistic, sacrificial, complete with the martyr complex. When I just got saved, I used to tell myself, Jesus has died already, and risen – there’s no need of any other. I’m dramatic. Conservative, not shy because I always manage to shed the shyness when I get on the stage to act and I’m a good one. The Holy Ghost had to do a great work in me sha, that’s all I’m saying for now. I had the melancholy weaknesses too. Always perfect, never wrong.
Let’s just say, I read the book (Why you act the way you do – by Tim & Bevery Lahaye) looked at the strengths of all the types and the weaknesses. I wrote down the strengths that I wanted and went for it. I wrote down the weaknesses and started praying to the Holy Spirit to help me eliminate the weaknesses. I hated the choleric traits but I found I needed some of its strengths so I read it too. That’s it for temperaments.

2. Laughter:
I don’t laugh. Strange abi.
I grew up used to winning. When I was winning I laughed uproariously, is that a word? When I wasn’t winning I crashed. I also had moods, I used to love  saying, I’m moody (sounds very American abi). The Holy Ghost again worked here. I learned to say what I wanted to see and unsay things not consistent with God’s word. Living a Spirit controlled life is a must now.
I learned to laugh at the devil. Really it works. The guy has been disarmed but he’s moving around seeing who he can deceive, because he can’t deceive everyone especially if they are armed. So I laugh especially as Psalm 2 says, God laughs.
I laugh with friends and family and sometimes at myself. I don’t take myself too seriously.

3. About the Gospel and my Saviour Jesus Christ:
I am born again. I am born of the Spirit. I have been baptized with the Holy Ghost.
Did I seek the Holy Ghost?
Hmmm. Those days, I didn’t even trust Him. God wooed me, God drew me. God ministered to me. The Holy  Spirit, He’s a comforter and that’s not just words. He’s more real to me than what I see with my eyes and touch with my hands. The saints must have been tarrying in prayer. The Holy Ghost used to direct me to scriptures I had never heard of, then he would send a Christian to come and teach me the specific scripture and what it means. I was like, this God takes me seriously o.

Yes o, I’m born again and proud of it.

The need for Corporate experience: 
I asked God for a year in a corporate office. The things that I learned are invaluable. I’m grateful for the time. So I’m learning to take my words seriously because God takes them seriously too. One of the things I learned is not to compromise on good excellent work, it speaks. So I don’t work so much if I’m tired, hungry or sleep deprived, it compromises excellence. Also never work at what you don’t love or enjoy doing.

5. Life taught me to write:
The only thing I love to do more than write is read. I was journaling as early as 11. I wrote novels, books, drew cartoons. I love telling stories and listening to gist. I’m hardly a talker, I’m more of a thinker. I can be having 6 conversations in my head. I learned to speak pidgin so i could include it in my books. I ask questions from people I have never met to make my
novels or articles real.

6. The importance of Family:
My family is my #2. They are very important to me. I can do anything for them. I don’t defend myself. I don’t need to, I have a God who is committed to doing that. I defend family though. Precious family. I share faith, food, money, time, emotions etc.
My sister says, they don’t wash blood. I love my family. We serve God by choice not by default.

7. Life gave me a Passion:
Passion has always been a part of me and causes.The Holy Ghost gave my passion direction.
I’m passionate about God, sports and politics.

The passion shows up in the expression of my faith.  In the fulfilment of purpose. In my judgment of what matters and what doesn’t.

Thank you Blessing for the opportunity to write. Thank you.

Now, my Nominees are:

  1. https://ekpoeze.wordpress.com/
    He writes very lovely posts. I read one on the syrophoenician woman today. Very graphic.

  2. https://hattylolla.com
    She’s witty. She’s smart. She’s an engineering girl. She reminds me of one of my bffs, so bold and smart. She was always telling me things about boys, what they mean and what they are about. Miss her. She’s in Yankee.

  3. https://boladisa.net
    This guy is a married guy. Although he’s married he’s concerned about the gospel. Really surprising. And he doesn’t make funny passes or make you feel uncomfortable. Good blog too.

  4. https://thisfavoredwoman.blogspot.com
    I love her name, I love her blog. She’s amazing and a delight. She’s warm and kingdom concerned.

  5. https://adedoyinjaiyesimi.wordpress.com
    I met her on twitter I think. She has amazing posts, very edifying. If you want to grow into the measure of the fullness of the stature of Christ, visit her blog. She’s pretty authentic.

  6. https://seunodukoya.wordpress.com
    This guy is funny. His posts are annoying but I keep reading them. I believe he deserves a nomination. Even though the direction i’d go, when writing, is very different from the direction he takes. Am I controlling? Maybe a little. I believe in happy ever after and I’m not changing my mind.

  7. https://adoptingjames.com
    She writes abstract. It is a blog about a woman’s journey towards adoption. I can be intellectual and say I read it to gain perspective. Nope. I just liked the blog.

  8. https://quietandkept.wordpress.com
    She likes my posts a lot. I read all her posts from gmail but hardly comment. The disadvantage of having a mobile phone. It is sometimes difficult to comment. I love the posts anyway. She wrote an article on being fat and the rigours that go with it. I feel bad because I have made fun of a girl for being fat but only because she was rude to my eldest sis. She never forgot but she’s forgiven me because I can be so supportive.

  9. https://selahafrikcom
    They share gospel music and gospel artists making waves in Nigeria and general news. I believe their lips are filled with grace because they don’t gossip or complain.

  10. https://imperfectivelyperfectlives.com
    She has a very transparent blog where she shares on many things all in line with God’s word. She also loves the Holy Ghost. Her love for family is apparent on her blog too. She’s Frances.

  11. https://livelytwist.wordpress.com
    Her words dance about in her blog. Is she poetic? I don’t know. I just know that her words run fast and they are beautiful.

  12. https://chynanu.wordpress.com
    She is a smart and dynamic individual and it comes across from her blog. She’s passionate about governance and empowerment. Incredibly intelligent.

  13. https://hajelpitan.com
    She has a beautiful soul, she impacts you just by speaking to you. She has the makings of a world changer. She’s warm and a huge influencer. Her blog is just like her. Warm and lively.You come away from her blog feeling empowered.

  14. https://kingdomturf.wordpress.com
    I want to be like this guy when I grow up. He’s so committed to God. He’s all those kind of people who carry out kingdom agenda and know what they are doing.

  15. http://lifegiva2.com
    This guy likes writing about sex. I always wonder why he likes tagging me on twitter with sex posts. They are not porn though. It is what Christians could read to prepare for marriage. I didn’t say practice o. You are on your own if you are headed in that direction.

Hello Nominees, kindly describe what ‘your faith‘ means to you, in one sentence. 😀

Do have all the fun doing this…Let me know if you do :D👏

I didn’t call everyone on my page. I wish I could. This blog post is hard work. I have spent more than a day composing adjusting, extracting links. It’s satisfying. So many awesome people have interacted with my blog and I am grateful to you all. Your likes, shares and comments are a huge deal to me.

Now my favourite part. Fav pictures of the week or er forthnight.


Yes. Share only in safe places. Those places exist. Ask me if you need a safe place to share.

If you are a woman, I’ll direct you to the right resources. If you are a man I will direct you to the right resources too. I have the privilege of knowing some awesome people whose boss is God. I’m working towards getting to that place where my boss is God and He is the One I should please.


Help me O God.


Some people are easy to move. Some are harder to love. God wants me to love both. By God’s grace I am getting there.


I’m fixing my eyes on Jesus. Looking on the Son/Sun of righteousness.


I’m on my way to destination Jesus. I follow where He leads by grace.

Have a great week people.


Yay! I am blogging from my mobile phone

It’s going to be a great month
I am expecting advancement on all sides for me and all connected to me.
I am blessed and flourishing even in famine because I am connected to the Most High.
Everything my hands touch prospers.
I speak divine judgment on my adversaries in Jesus name, amen.

Spiritual authority is not rocket science.
Spiritual authority is simply talking because you know that God loves you, is for you and is backing you.

Faith causes you to exercise authority
I never struggle to have faith because I am secure in God’s love.

This month of February is a blessed month. In all the days of the month, opportunities and people are gathering to bless me and favour me. Every where I go, I am favoured. I find favour in the sight of kings and princes.

I am living by faith daily. I cannot be stopped because no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. Every tongue that rises against me, I condemn and decree divine judgement on all of such in Jesus name, amen.

I am blessed and highly favoured and my steps are ordered by God. I have direction and instruction from the Most High.


Awesome February!
Happy New Month.

How important your perspective is!

What kind of perspective do you have?

How do you see?

What kind of eyes do you look at life?

The bible says that “As far as you can see, that is how far God has given to you“.

So you have to see something. What are you seeing? What you don’t see, you cannot receive.

Also you can’t know what to see except you have gone into God’s word to see the way God sees.

A preacher once said, Christianity is the great profession.

It means that you must always be saying something and not the wrong things.

I think that Christianity is a process of renewing your mind daily.

You must be studying the word of God constantly so that you can know which area your mind should be constantly changing.

I am changing my mind in the area of my family, health, future etc. I was doing that last year, I am still doing it this year and will still be doing it next year. That is the Christian life.

Lay aside all naughtiness and superfluity of nothingness…

Drop everything that does not matter. Let it go. Let it go so that your heart may be able to receive the word of God that can save your soul.

The word can save your soul but you must let go of everything else so that your heart may be open to receive the engrafted word.


hop_duck half_full_or_half_empty___by_mcdarius-d3k9dj8

 Half full or half empty? How do you see it? Your perspective matters

You should adjust that perspective to God’s word.

I think this is my best post this year

I have the power to influence my world. It starts with my immediate environment or my immediate sphere of influence. I have always had coaches and I catch on very fast

Something God put in me early in life, it is His very image.

I see and I understand.

I experimented with it as an unbeliever. When someone offended me, because I was smarter than them, and I am. It is just a statement of fact, it is simply knowing who you are. I would use my analytical mind and pick all the flaws about them and I have a terrific memory. I would tell them every single fault that I could see about them all without saying ‘you are mad‘, ‘you are crazy‘, ‘you are dumb‘ and the like. That is terribly childish. I am too smart for that. This usually made the said person very angry, and they would try to get back at me with physical strength or other stuff. i just laughed and walked away. Getting born again, the Holy Ghost said I would have to get rid of those habits if I wanted a relationship with Him. I did, so I learnt to look back at people offending me or being nasty and let it go.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t hit back, I was blessed with intelligence enough to do them emotional harm that would last days, months and years but I had to drop that power if I wanted heavenly power. I wanted the fruits of the spirit so bad, I wanted to manifest the image of God that He said is in me. I would pray these scriptures Isaiah 11, and I will be quoting “...and she shall not judge after the hearing of her ear or the seeing of her eyes” I would be screaming it. “And she shall rule with equity…”. the scripture is about Jesus but because I am a heir of Christ, it is also about me. I would jump up and yell, “…she shall be blessed with the spirit of counsel and might and the fear of the Lord”. I was preparing for kingship. God has made me a king and everyday He is watching me to see.

My daughter, knows she is a king, she will act like me, today“.

As I went about my business, the Holy Ghost would say:

You know what to do“.

Sometime I would do right and do what the Holy Ghost is saying and all the while my flesh would be saying: “Forget that thing jare, hit back” I didn’t get it right all the time, I got the point, God is interested in this. He wants to see how I respond. So I would do right and be affronted all day after that. Then I would want to pray and I would be talking to myself. I would just say I am sorry and promise to do right the next day. I always had the desire to please God. So I prayed about it and I would go the next day, pleasing God at the forefront of my mind. I put God on my mind. I gave Him the place of importance. When I forget, I try to remember who’s important. Who am I giving first place?

Well that’s that.

I used my powers of being detailed and observant and I would note the flaws and then compliment them so that they would have the courage to try something their fears usually told them they couldn’t do. People basically fear failure and so are unwilling to try something new. It is why I am so good with teenagers. I believe that God is inside every man.

Every man is the image of God. They have a spirit in them that is unbeatable just because they are made by God.

I mean every man has the potential to be a nation builder or a devil incarnate. That is why it is so important who the teachers and the trainers and the coaches are.

When I got born again, I needed to change the things that I was hearing. I am excellent at taking instructions. Someone preached about renewing your mind. You will never become bigger than the way your mind thinks. Before you start feeling helpless, your mind is your property, it doesn’t belong to anyone else. In this world your mind will either be controlled by God or by the enemy. You can determine who your surrender your mind to be ruled by.

Have you heard of mind control?

It is nothing new.

Let’s take a scripture.

Romans 12:2 says:

2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

This means that you can determine who rules your mind. It is not by your will. Will power fails. It is by what you meditate on. If you didn’t read your bible this morning, you didn’t program your mind and so your environment will control you. Or the people you come across, their words and thoughts will control you and the things you do, say or the way you act.


One practical thing I did was I bought two tape, one by Jaci Velasquez and another by Rachel Lampa. I got up by 5am every morning and I put on the tapes about God’s love, His kindness and His purpose for His creation. I put it on a radio. It wasn’t mine. It belonged to a lady called Folake. I talked with her and she didn’t have a problem with it. So every morning between 5 am and 7 am we all listened to that tape back to back. It was beautiful worship music. I was soothed and calm and a couple of people complained. I would go to the radio and lower. Over the next couple of months, I wasn’t always the one who put it on, Isioma got there before me or Pelumi or Peju. We were about 17-20 in that room and soon everyone of them was attending one fellowship or the other. The only thing I noticed was that when I went around raising money for something we wanted to do in my fellowship (That was my representation of building God’s kingdom at the time), they willingly gave. That was one of my lessons in adding value to the people around you. I added value to them and soon they came to associate God with love and not punishment.

So when people ask, what do you do? I say I add value. I am a social media manager but I am also a builder, I know how to build people. I build them with God’s word. I am a restorer of broken places. I am a repair of the breach. I don’t complain or criticize, I build up become I am empowered by the Holy Spirit to do.

So who are you going to influence today?

I am 5 4′ inches tall. I am petite. I also know who I am. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit in me I am unstoppable. He is the one with the power but because I am willing He can operate on earth through me. I have the backing of heaven. I am also ruled by the love of God.

How did he prepare me for that? God made me pray for the people who were good to me and also for those who offended me. I used to cry as I prayed for them in 2002 but with that I learnt to pray for any and everyone when God asked in spite of their actions. Being trained by the Holy Ghost isn’t pleasant but the rewards are eternal.

God bless you all.

I used to sing this song in catholic church…yeah I started knowing about God even then. I didn’t get to meet him till I was a full fledged teenager but I did have an inkling of who he was.

“Your love is like a burning fire within my very soul, within my very soul… your love is like a burning fire within my very soul, within my very soul”


Theresa Doghor is a social media manager who believes that trends and technology will shape the future in the years to come and there are huge opportunities available for the man who is willing to add value and fill the vacancy God has for people who are about His kingdom. Whatever happens in this time may pose dangers for the earth but for citizens of God’s kingdom, it is for their GOOD.

She manages this site http://www.udookonjo.com. Visit for resources and new opportunities.

Likes for the week-


Today I listened to Micah Stampley – ‘Heaven on Earth’

Two things stayed with me:

He said, “to be seated in heavenly places”, that it is like heaven on earth

To be walking in His favour and His graces, seems like heaven, heaven on earth

I have experienced this and this is my prayer to God everyday, that I experience this to a greater degree everyday.

One of my counsellors said, she wanted to teach me to focus that I was to always respond like the daughter of a king no matter how my outward environment was looking that I wasn’t to forget who I was at any point in time. No matter what anyone was saying about me or to me, I was to always remember and respond like the daughter of a king.

So this is what I am practicing right now

Now that I have counselors, I don’t feel so alone anymore. Or like a target anymore

I thank God for the mid wives He has sent my way.


Do i have anything new to say?

I always have something to say

It depends on whether i am willing to say it.

I have the uncanny ability to maintain silence for long periods

This is because i grew up quiet, like really, really quiet

All those melancholic kids that were extremely quiet and geniuses

I don’t seem much of a genius anymore, at least there is nothing on

the externals to show that i am one

But you see, deep inside me, i am still convinced that God doesn’t make rubbish

God makes good stuff, masterpieces, great and mighty things, wonderful stuff

I am of God and made by God so i am a masterpiece; in the making

But in the eyes of God, i am already finished, complete.

“In the eyes of God, my inadequacies don’t matter…”

Strange word, now all i need to do is believe and take those steps.

Worship: Strange but awesome

Wish i was as spontaneous as when i was a teen; growing up is the pits!

Guess i can take solace in the God who can take you from the pits to the throne.

Confession for this month:

I walk in love anyway, anyhow

I function in Phronesis and Epignosis…


Sorry, no pics, need a nokia phone or my digital camera is calling me!

Contradictions bring out the best in me!

I still have all of the fears, insecurities and inadequacies i had in 2008. My heart still cuts sometimes when  I consider some things. The difference is that God is with me. He says, He is going around the earth looking for who to show Himself strong on his behalf. My response is: Lord I am here, show yourself strong on my behalf.

We are starting a church. I did not have any specific word i could lean on. But i remember in 2009, a prophet visited my church and i agreed to believe and i saw God’s wonders. Now he said there was more wonders to be seen. The way i see it, there is no way i can lose if i believe in His wonders and what He wants to do. It is a win-win situation when i consider the other option of living like an ordinary human being with ordinary problems and ordinary fears; exactly like someone who doesn’t have or know God.

Is that who i am?

Am i a person who doesn’t know God?

Has God really been so faithful to me and yet i can act like i don’t know Him?

I have spoken with my friends and even though others may be going on emotion, i am not. The prophet said the church would expand, an expansion that can out-match our imaginations.

Now my imagination is pretty good but i know it is nothing compared to what God has in mind, i am kinda in the mood to see ‘what eyes have not seen nor ear heard?’

God had a reason for choosing me and maybe it is because He can trust me because those were one of the difficult years of my life and even though i didn’t do everything perfectly, i obeyed as much as i could, and i am already a small wonder to my peers, God can make me a big wonder.

I just pray that the fame doesn’t get me though. I pray i remain humble, teachable and obedient to the Holy Ghost. To the peeps who think the Holy Ghost is an ‘it’, you are missing out on the best of God.

I have a new meditation style so that my blog is not boring!

Jeremiah 17:7

But the person who trusts in the LORD will be blessed. The LORD will show him that He can be trusted. he will be strong, like a tree planted near water that sends its roots by a stream. It is not afraid when the days are hot; its leaves are always green. It does not worry in a year when no rain comes; it always produces fruit

I am praying to be more like this person daily, the one who trusts God and gets blessed, the one who is strong and planted in the river of God, the one who is not afraid when the days are hot (i have seen much of this) the one whose leaves are green, i decree that my leaves are green no matter how things seem in this material world, my leaves are green, the leaves of my family members and friends are green.

Even when no rain comes, i know that i am protected and provided for by the LORD, i and the members of my family are protected and provided for and i am always producing fruits because i am connected to my LORD Jesus Christ, my leader, my protection, my shield, my fortress, the glory and the lifter up of my help.

Lord, i commit to not do anything except upon your say-so in Jesus name, amen.

P.S. I am a supernatural being….

I live above

I am from above

I rule and reign

Everything i need is in the river, i lack nothing