There is a God

I’ve been trying to blog for weeks.

The title of my blog, “there is a God” has been ingrained in my spirit so strong, nothing can remove it.

Heb 11:6 says he who comes to God must believe that He is and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him

There is a coming to God
There is a seeking of God
There is room to inquire of God when things don’t seem right.

Heb 4:12 says, the word of God is quick (alive) and powerful (it can change things)

It is sharper than a two edged sword, it can pierce through our soul and spirit and that it can discern the thoughts and the intents of our heart.

This means that the Holy Ghost can by the word of God help us discern the thoughts and the intentions of man beyond their words so that we have all the information we require to make the right decisions.

God will lead you if you are looking to Him and beyond the resources you think are all that is available to you.

God is big
God is mighty
God is a mighty terrible One to our adversaries.
He is the God who made Moses a God to Pharaoh.
He makes the believer a god over the pharoahs of this world.
He has made me a god over the pharoahs of the intended world.
He did that when he gave me the name of Jesus.

Psalm 2 says that if is the fool that says there is no God.

The lame man may look at this statement and laugh.
It is possible to verbally assent to this statement and by your actions say that there is no God

An adage says that actions speak louder than words.
By your actions, your faith speak. You can never believe one thing and carry out a contrary action. You act what you believe.

Listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost and you can never lose the divine pattern God has set for you.

Isaiah 54:17 says, no weapon fashion against God’s sons and daughters shall prosper, that this is their heritage/inheritance.

No weapon fashioned against me or mine shall prosper and I condemn and silence every word that is spoken against us in judgment.

The standard is lifted up for our sakes. That serpent that Moses lifted up in the wilderness, the cross that Jesus paid the sacrifice for on is lifted up for our sakes, warrior angels are on assignment for our sakes, messenger angels are on assignment for our sakes in Jesus name, amen.


Even if you were born again yesterday, by virtue of that new birth, you have the authority to use the name of Jesus.


Better days are ahead.

The path of the righteous shineth brighter and brighter till it is full day.
Our path is shining brighter.

Jesus lead us in a procession of constant victories.



Faith & Love & Other things

Easier when it is uncomplicated. God is goodness personified so whatever you’re desiring God wants better for you.
Heb 11:6
He that comes to God must believe that He is…

The sovereign God does exist. I have come to Him and I rest secure under the shadow of His wings. My path shines brighter.

It is only difficult when self is reigning. When you let go and let God it comes easy.
I’m not perfect at walking in love but I stay willing. I’m the love child of a love God. How can I do any less?

I tried to be less committed to the church emotionally and physically but God is having none of that. He is doing so many spiritual surgeries in me and mine, I’m grateful for His goodness.

So I’m gonna walk in love in church and outside of it, my flesh don’t like it but as Jesus is my Lord and owner, I submit to His rulership. To the best of my ability and His ability.

This relationship with God is awesome. He keeps challenging my thought patterns with His word and I stay surrendering to thinking like Him all the time.

I am not certain of all things all the time but I am certain that God is always with me and doing me good all the time and working His will in my life daily. He’s leading, guiding and protecting me and mine.

Wait for it, though it tarry, it will come…

Sovereignty is a powerful word.

In God’s sovereignty He doesn’t do just anything, He does good. Look out for His goodness…

Here’s some of the things I meditated on this week:


My sister made me an aunt last month. Lord I give you glory.
Knowing family, we are all pitching in and sacrificing to nurture the new life God has blessed us with. With the help of the Holy Ghost, we will be good stewards.


Pastor Saeed is one of the persecuted Christians. I pray that he will be able to subdue His flesh and tap into the heavenly resources prepared for Him. I also pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for his wife and children.


My confidence. I heard this scripture first in February 2001. As usual I was doubting love. Independent me. I was at my wits end. Awesome Father that God is, He wouldn’t give up on me. I dialogued and dialogued and dialogued with God before trusting Him.

I asked questions tire, when he wouldn’t let go, the burden wouldn’t lift from my spirit, I told him I’d say yes. When the altar call was made, I still wouldn’t step out. I eventually surrendered on the 23rd of March while watching Turning Point at 1am. Got the Holy Spirit 6 months later and I don’t ever doubt God’s because He went to great lengths to show it and prove it. He’s always ready to answer my questions.

Got God?
If you don’t, you should seek Him and find Him and never leave Him. He’s a great friend, great Father, great protection. His staying power inspires me to have staying power in my relationship with Him.
I remember when I just graduated and was looking for a church, any church to worship Him. I woke up to rain. I had no umbrella. I convinced my sister that we can walk in the rain to go and see God. It was a 45 min walk. In the rain. When you dare God, He rises to meet your expectation. God doesn’t fit no text book or no box, He can do anything and usually does for those who would step out of their comfort zone to believe and trust Him. Above all


In God’s  kingdom, everyone is valuable. Take your place. I was worried recently that I wasn’t  reverencing God like I should. I kept putting pressure on myself until I created a distance between God and me. Devotion was difficult because I assumed God was not pleased. Maybe He wasn’t. I wasn’t paying attention.

“Son, attend to my word…”

I think I wasn’t depending on Him like I should or talking to Him. I was sure He was still interested in my life because I was getting instructions and miracles. It wasn’t enough because there was no intimacy with God. I was the ultimate sorter…laugh out loud.

I don’t know that I’m as intimate with God as I should but at least I’m talking to God again. Like “How far? What about this, is it okay with you?”
I’m talking sha


My path is shining brighter o jare
God hasn’t changed His mind
When I’ve been in His presence, the crowd doesn’t bother me.
I’m whole and complete.

Reading my bible this morning,

“Because I have set the Lord at my right hand, I shall not be moved”


“Some trust in horses and others in chariots but our trust is in the name of the Lord”.

Love Month

As the love month ends
Walking in love continues
All those stubborn enemies I will deal with you
The more vindictive you get, the more I’m gonna love you till you get tired of being onto me.
Not with natural love
With natural love, I want to smash you on the head with that big stone they used to cover Jesus tomb
See thoughts
Thank God for his mercy shall.


This week I need to remember that the enemy is the spirit behind the people and not the people
The enemy is the devil
Weapons like big stones don’t work against principalities and powers.
Prayer and love works
Lord give me grace to pray to you and not do a prayer ritual that covers the bases
Help me fellowship with you.
Help me get my engine started and feed me with utterance
Keep my cup full always
Help me keep my attention on You and away from distractions
Help me keep my prayers sincere and not impressive

I’m glad I don’t have to impress You
I’m secure in Your love.
Help me simply say:
“Papa, its Your daughter, I’m here again, I need You”

And when you say what’s been happening, “I say, everything with a huge sigh”

Then I cover it all in prayers.

I’ve been seeing God’s goodness all month long. Help me tell my Lord, thank You. I don dey talk am, e be like say e no go ever reach.

Here are my favourite pics this week.





Have a great week y’ll

Renewing your mind…

I’m having a terrific Saturday
Just hanging out.

Life can be different for all kinds of people
Difficult for some
Seeming easy for that.

Just know that no matter how deep the pit
Or how dark the horizon is
The light of God’sword will shine through

It is important to know how much God loves you
After you do know, it is your responsibility to tell someone else

The grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men.

That grace is always available
If God brings someone to you, and you know the Lord
You are to let others know about that grace

Any little fellowship, two to ten people is a place where someone can get free.
Always pray for others
That God will reach them and redeem them through your little prayer

God loves personally and the world needs to know

One of the lessons we should teach new believers is how to renew their mind.

Pray always.

There is power in connecting with God daily
In speaking with the king of kings daily

A lot

Just a random post.

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014

Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result – I don’t know so I guess its “Anonymous”

This is the life I dreamed about when I was 11
And I am darned if I am going to disappoint my little me
I was going to be famous and an inventor
Then I was going to become a computer whiz
Then a doctor (I think after a bout with malaria)

I finally decided to become a writer
Of course I have a college degree
My mom would have killed me if I ever attempted
to drop out (which I didn’t)
I started my business finally
I am still fine tuning things
But it is called ImagineIt

Here is the ‘eye has not seen, ears has not heard, mind has not comprehended what the Lord has prepared for them who love Him but He has revealed us to us by His Spirit’.

Thank God for the Holy Spirit the conveyor of God’s blessings to the peoples of the earth, the revealer of secrets and witty inventions, thank you for your help.

I want to say that:
I am thankful for me and my purpose and God given destiny
I am thankful for the family you gave to me, imperfect but I could not ask for a more loving, more loyal family, we are just too much because God loves us tirelessly.
I am thankful for my friends who won’t let me settle for less than God’s best in work, life and all things beautiful, you challenge me to be more and I am grateful to God for you guys.
I am thankful for the LA Family, all of them, they are awesome.
I am thankful for the ones who don’t stop encouraging, Oluseun, Hopiana and Blessing.
I am thankful for Eloho, Damilar and the ever polite Daddy Fresh.
I am thankful for my twitter fam, and my wordpress fam, my blogfam are like ghost workers, I see them but they don’t comment.
I am thankful for 2014 and everything that God will be doing through me this year
I have promised 20 souls already. And a certain amount of money; they are my seeds for the year 2014, my kingdom investment.

Don’t want this to be too long, so do enjoy 2014 and make it an investment.

#Gi13 – the aftermath

I would like to say that #Gi13 Great Impact 2013

has come and gone

but this is just the beginning, the impact has just started.

Right now, I am so high but I know that the low times may come

But when they come, I am armed already…

With all the armour of God -with Christ

I know the times of pressure will come when I may doubt

But i have armed with the word of God

I am confident that His love surrounds me and is much more tangible

than this big bad world and all of satan and his cohorts

And even though I may forget sometimes who I am

I know that the Holy Spirit is around to remind me of the truth

And even when the crowd comes around me with their questions and

their arrow headed doubts

I know that what God has said and what I believe carries more weight

than 200,000 people shouting a lie that they believe.

This is post #Gi13

This is the time the real battle begins

The battle to stand your ground that what Jesus has said is true

That you’re rich and whole and that you have a purpose and a destiny

And that God is with you and that the Spirit of God is leading me.

That every day is a chance to express the glory of God inside of you.

And when the pressure comes to settle for what’s not you?

The Picture of me in You will be strong enough to keep me on course

and leave you as the truth teller and every other man a liar.

This is the story of how impact is made

One thing I came away from #Gi13 with that will certainly affect my words

thoughts and actions is “Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness”


Cross section of the meeting: Brethren were being edified!


8 days to go… #Gi13



I’m building momentum as the days get closer


The presence of the Father

It is going to be so awesome

I’m bidding my time

It is gonna be power packed no doubt

The much waited Gi13

I can imagine how I would be after camp

Definitely I would make more iMpact

Cos I would be conformed to the image of Christ

So much more

The word i’ll hear

The ministrations, they will make me

I am already seeking the face of God everyday

I have emptied myself of all that I know

So I can receive everything there that day

The anticipation is crazy 

The world is waiting!

So I am eager to express all that is God

and by it shine the light of God

(Its the year of the Spirit)

And I am expectant!

What does God want?