Just because of who her daddy is…

Before the elections, Hillary seemed gracious

Obama seemed gracious

In fact the democrats painted a picture of how gracious they were.

Do you remember Michelle’s famous statement, when they go low, we will go high

I do, with perfect clarity in fact.

I smiled when I saw Nigerian women reposting it all over Facebook

It’s all a sham now, isn’t it?

With mass protests all over America, we now know, all those promises were conditioned on if they won as they expected to

But if they didn’t win, then they/their attitudes wold turn ugly and everyone would understand.

Because we are allowed to destroy other people’s businesses when we don’t win and people would approve. Does God approve?


Ivanka is one target.

They boycott her clothing line and bully others to do same.

They (petty Americans) nearly destroyed @uber’s business. They began campaigning for people to delete their apps because he is on Trump’s economic team. At least they have an economic team, it too us 9 months to get an economic team in Nigeria.

I think what they are doing is bullying and intimidation, what happened to all the speeches before election.

I think democrats are sore losers.

With all the bullying of Ivanka, her daddy is still president, so they are not trying to stop him from being president, just looking for any way  to hurt him, or hurt her for no reason or hurt her business and that is petty, and sadly weak also.

The elections must have hurt them so bad, that is too bad.

It is just a lesson in humility, they are not God and no amount of bullying can make them God.

The faster they accept God’s decision, the better for them.

Everything works better when you stay in authority, alignment and positioning. And if there is a shaking, know that God allowed it, He is sovereign. He does not leave decisions to man. He reigns not in the way we want Him to. He is not a puppet God. He has an agenda. Our job is not to dictate but to follow Him.

Follow Jesus.

My words to Ivanka are to trust God. He knows how to restore better than anyone else. Take the attention as a compliment. If you didn’t know you were important, know it today, you were important enough for them to try and destroy you. Your God is on the throne and He’s a great protector and preserver. He’s also your Daddy, your heavenly Daddy.

You are not just important to them, you are important to God and God loves you perfectly. Keep that in mind when the gnats try to stick to you. You are perfectly loved by the One who holds the whole word in His hands and keeps it hanging in place by His word.

As am I.

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