Chutzpah: Compromise is not my name

God doesn’t like compromise

He doesn’t care that you are not with the popular crowd.

God doesn’t want you to have your needs met by men, He can meet your need.

God can bless and

Only the Holy Ghost knows what you need at any point in time.


God is for you.

People who carry prophecy, who carry the glory of God have come to change the metrons

They carry an assignment from God.

Find your fulfilment in God. Find your completion in God

Preach, pray, prophesy, take authority over demons, cast out, pull out, root out, establish some things.

God loves changing things.

Dunamis: the dynamic ability to cause changes

Impartation and activation is the character of the Holy Ghost

Love fully and be addicted to the Lord

Be hot!

Be spiritually minded

Be filled with the Holy Ghost

Fear is not for you. 1 Tim 1:7

God doesn’t give fear. The only way to change some things is in partnership with God.

Stay under the influence of the Holy Ghost

Keep speaking the word of the world to your environment

Live in the overflow

It is the year of soaring so we gonna wait like crazy by the help of the Spirit of the Lord

because it is not by power, not by might but by My Spirit, says the Lord.

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