2017- It can only ge better

It doesn’t have to make sense

but in the year 2017

because of the awesome manifestations of the Spirit of the Lord

Whatever it is, it can only get better

In 2017, amidst the many displays of the flesh all over the earth

The Spirit of the Lord will triumph over the flesh

Everything in and around me comes under the influence of the Holy Spirit

Hearts of those that matter are focused only what will matter in the light o eternity

What matters to God

This is the year to go beyond people pleasing

into the very will of God

His rhema word and His agenda for the now

It is our year of great triumphs over the flesh, the world and the devil

We will joy and rejoice in the things that please God

and mourn and change our minds in the things that don’t please Him

Because we are coming into the era where the ones that resemble Christ

in heart, spirit, truth and in authenticity.

The year of double for all the trouble.


Glory to the Lord

We will shine because we move by phronesis


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