Why my blog is not like regular Nigerian blogs

I have always wanted to write like those bloggers that make money their focus…

I like writing. I know how to write all kinds of posts. I know how to change the focus of my writing to fit the niche that I am writing for but the moment my writing turns towards God-focused.

I am obsessed with writing what God wants. I am inclined to exhort and encourage with God’s word. I believe that the word of God is a blessing that as many people as possible must hear over and over again that perchance they may believe and receive.

I admire Linda Ikeji but not the fact that she doesn’t pay tithe. Who does that? I used to admire Japheth and Chude, now they are just faces in the crowd like everyone else. I don’t read all these popular blogs honestly. I am attracted to personal blogs that speak about the sincerity of the heart of people.

Funny thing:

I grew up not liking prophets much but now I am surrounded by so many prophetic people. I was raised by a prophetic man in college. God has taken me on a journey to people who have all taught me the different things that I need to live a victorious life. All of them see in part but I have learned from the different part(s) of them by the wisdom of God and the comforting voice of the Holy Ghost.

Everyday I am learning to walk in the gift of prophecy. God has called us to live a balanced life. Prophetic people see the future and they see potential and what can be. I connect with prophetic people a lot. I can be a little weird. Thank God He hasn’t asked me to eat scrolls like Jeremiah or wear a belt and then remove it and then say what He wants but I daresay that whatever the Lord says I will do.

I believe that God speaks to people through happenings and events. God asked a particular prophet to name his children according to the happenings in Israel. I believe that God chooses the people He wants and has mercy on the people that He wants and that God is the good shepherd because He know all things yesterday, today and forever.

Trump is God’s will for America in this season, that is what my instincts told me. For whatever reason that is for, I pray that God uses him to do what he wants to do in this time.

I am grateful to my friends on Facebook, several of them speak to my heart all the time. Some people speak to your head, few people can cut through the bullshit and speak to your heart.

Soul winning happens when by the Spirit of the Lord, the words that you speak get to the heart (spirit) of a man and he goes, this is truth. Not that he hasn’t heard it before but now the words are hitting hard at his heart.

I feel things on my spirit (Jennifer Eivaz calls that discerning of spirit) when my pastor used to preach, it was like a hammer hitting on my heart, I always used to look around and wonder if the word was hitting others like me. I would want to cry (actually cry) out at everyone and just say, folks, this is truth, listen and listen hard, but I was shy and I would be like, that is not me, are you nuts or what, I could never do that, I could never speak out for the Lord. LOL

Growing up (my dad was in the Navy) I was the one who never cried for any reason whatsoever. You couldn’t make me cry, abi what do you want to say, just let the Spirit fall small and I am crying gushes. First time it happened, I was like what is happening to me? Why am I reacting and responding like this? My best plan of action was, “I am never going back to that place again”.

Now I am older, I realise that I was experiencing the outpouring of the Spirit and as common as it seemed to me then in college it wasn’t common to the church. It was weird and unusual. One time a young man (well meaning but just ignorant in certain areas) who was a pastor my sisters and I that when people get slain in the Spirit that demons are checking out. My sisters and I laughed at him because it was totally naturally for us to respond to the Holy Ghost. My sisters are of the variety of those who get slain in the Holy Ghost. My brother was more like me, he could spot scammers just by looking at them.

Lots of Christians get scammed by con artists and they never ever see it coming until the thief has stolen what he wants and disappeared.

The bible says that the manifestation of the Spirit is given to everyone for profit.

How does the Spirit of God in you help you make profit?

In earlier seasons you could live without the Holy Ghost. The world is much darker than it was 8 years ago. wickedness is at its height. You need to be more prayerful than you were in 2008, or 2016. You need to cultivate a closer relationship with God. You need to draw nearer to Him. You need to control the words that are coming out of your mouth, it is a part of holiness. Holiness is not a look. It is first of all something God does and then it is something you continue when you have received righteousness.


Evil speaking is mentioned in the bible (not to point out the sins of others) bu let me provide scriptural backing so it is not so easy to mask evil speaking as concern. I just searched google and I have seen 38 verses I will share. When you know the word of God and don’t do it, you pass judgment on yourself so here is the word:

1 Peter 2:1Titus 1:10-11Titus 3:2James 1:26Psalm 10:7Psalm 64:2-5James 3:5-10James 4:111 Corinthians 6:9-10Romans 3:13Ephesians 4:25Ephesians 4:29-31Ephesians 5:4Proverbs 6:16-19Proverbs 8:13Proverbs 10:11Proverbs 11:11Proverbs 12:5Proverbs 13:3Proverbs 14:25Proverbs 15:1Proverbs 16:27Proverbs 17:4Proverbs 18:8Proverbs 19:1Proverbs 24:2Proverbs 25:23Proverbs 26:20-23Psalm 41:5-9Psalm 52:2-4Psalm 59:12Psalm 69:12Psalm 70:3Psalm 102:8Psalm 106:33Psalm 119:23Psalm 120:1-7Psalm 140:3.

Be aware that I am praying for you. God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man sows, that shall he reap. Keep sowing, your harvest is coming.


Let me end this by saying, you are only undecided when you have not heard God. When you have heard God, you know what to do. Breeze will blow you in any direction it wants. 10,000 people will give you an opinion a different opinion each time of what is happening but can never know for sure until they have heard God. The advice will keep changing and you too will be confused if you did not hear God clearly.

But when you did hear God clearly, even if you want to go back to your vomit, the Holy Ghost will remind you why you left and where He is taking you to. He will tell you to hold on and not give up on the dream, you are the dream.

Rebecca felt two babies moving in her womb and she went to inquire of the Lord. She knew the provisions of the covenant that your baby does not come down when you walk with God. She asked the Lord what was going on and God responded to her that, there are two nations in your womb.

David entire family had been kidnapped and he went to the Lord and asked, shall I pursue? It seems like a stupid question to our modern practice of Christianity that knows what to do without asking the Lord, after all we should use common sense (It also means do whatever seems right as if common sense can heal the sick, cast out devils, prosper you or tell you the truth that lies underneath the surface. God is a revealer of secret things), in this age of darkness, God wants to shine through us, He wants His glory to be seen through us. We will confound the world and some who attend church regularly but don’t know Jesus as personal Lord and savior, they know pastor (no disrespect to pastors but not all pastors follow the Lord, some follow for personal motives and I am not even a pastor, don’t know if I ever will be but I know the God who has made me a walking miracle), pastor may be a hireling or afraid or not fully trained or may be busy with other more important things than souls (only God can judge truth) yet but the Holy Ghost will give you utmost priority and He takes His job as wonderful counselor seriously. David asked the Lord that seemingly stupid question and the Lord answered and said, pursue, overtake, you will surely recover ALL.

That is the God I serve.

If you don’t know how to hear God, start reading your bible more frequently and ask the Holy Ghost to help you.

I started with how I used to hate prophets. If you don’t know how to bear witness in your spirit, you will fall for every lie that you hear and afterwards give up that churches are all about scams and the money that comes out of it, and when you hear pastors call the congregation customers, your heart will sink inside you the more.

The seventh part of the seven spirits of God is to be anointed with the fear of the Lord. I am not saying I am perfect o but having the fear of the Lord on you is the key to keeping your faith strong. Fear God. In your words, thoughts and actions. If you don’t fear God, you will do and undo until you become hitler. Power is a scam o. Power changes people. As a Christian, you must cultivate the fear of God by practicing godly reverence but every Christian who partners with the Holy Ghost is powerful. Discover who you are in Christ.

Acts 1:8 says you will receive power after the Holy Ghost comes on you.

Partnering with the Holy Ghost is the most important thing a Christian can learn to do. When you have partnered with the Holy Ghost you will know secret things like Daniel. Like Elisha, you will warn the king about the Assyrian king. Like Phillip, you could be transported. Like Thomas, water can freeze in the air if you tell it to. Like Jesus you can feed the 5000. Like Jesus you can tell the woman at te well about her 5 husbands.

Some people are so harsh in their delivery to women as if it is their own word they are giving and not the word of the Lord. You will look at woman and start insulting their clothes thinking that after ranting they will surrender their life to the Lord. Use God’s word, it has power. It is Spirit and life in actuality.

Your word no get power o but the word of the Lord get power o – Tessa Doghor

The word of the Lord is powerful. People respond to it differently. Some hear of the word of God and say, waoh and are filled with wonder, some hear and look for spanner to poke holes in a perfectly good drum because it must respond to their opinion of it and some hear and are just deaf. Spiritual ears closed, they receive nothing or they try to tear it down so that they can retain their opinions.

Persecution arises for the words sake

Go and read the parable of the sower. There is much to learn in that parable. The word is powerful. The enemy knows that if you can receive the word of God, your life will change forever.

His first line of attack is to make sure that you don’t understand.

If you skip this area then he makes sure that he sends you enough temptation to take your attention away from the word.

If this doesn’t work then he send cares of the world, cares for other things etc to choke that word out of your life.

If that doesn’t work then he sends persecution to see if you would continue believing that word that you say you believe.

If you continue, you reap a harvest 30, 60, a 100-fold and go back to the bible to look for another word to believe.

BELIEVE and ACT. Heaven’s occupants (the cloud of witnesses who walked by faith) are cheering you on. Walk in the Spirit, walk with God. Walk by faith. It is not easy but if you are walking with God, it would seem like a piece of cake.

God loves you enough to love you through this season to your harvest. Keep praying, read your bible and listen to the promptings of the Holy Ghost.

All my love


5 thoughts on “Why my blog is not like regular Nigerian blogs

  1. Hi Tessa. I live what you said about being able to write for any audience yet you chose to write for the audience of one-God. That’s what makes us Christian writers as opposed to being writers who are Christians.


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