Soldiers and what it takes…

On my way to work I saw many people seating and dressed in white with sneakers, they had a uniform look and I could easily distinguish them from others. They were stapling their forms.

Now since my dad was an old soldier, I knew you couldn’t be flat footed and qualify because you need to be quick to take action.

They are preparing everyday of their life because if they are chosen it is a great honour to obey their liege and to fight great battles and bring honour to their country.

In the case of Christianity, we need to recognize that when you make Jesus LORD, you physically seat in a church to get trained but spiritually you appear in God’s kingdom and God becomes your KING.

Sometimes soldiers forget their assignments and although they have some degree of training, they operate as though only what happens on earth matters and so they base their words, decisions and actions on the earthly forgetting that anything originating from the earth is sensual.

They forget their commanding officers voice and fall into traditions when no true progress can be made without the backing of the Father, and only rotten fruits will be produced without the leading of the Spirit, only fervent prayers will accomplish much and that God needs a heart of obedience to do what He wants to do on earth.

Even I as human as I feel when I touch my hand forget. Thank God for the Holy Ghost who brings all things to my remembrance. He lets me know what matters more and how compromise can lead one away from the path God has said. 

One right decision leads you into the path of God and His glory and goodness, a wrong one can lead you to a dead end. No decision at all is still a bad decision. Intentional words and actions with right heart motives matter more in the big picture because God is not an actor, He is the definition of authenticity. 

Words pondered. A good soldier waits for the instruction of his commanding officer and does not sway from the last instruction until He gets a clear instruction from His boss. 

Random blog post. 


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