One Friday Night…

The bible says trust in the Lord

but the first instinct of my sometimes rebellious heart is to trust in myself and my ability to think my way out of a problem. I am telling me: Tessa, you need to trust in the LORD at all times even when things seemingly go your way because He is the only one who knows the future.

I have had a great week. Very tasking. But it challenged me and brought out new gifts in me. I did a GIF this week. It was a beautiful one.

You can check it out on Facebook. What do you think about it honestly?

Also I am learning how to make videos and coming up with concepts and ideas to share information. Everyday is an experiment to walk by faith. Faith to get new ideas working and create solutions. I love reading and writing almost as much as I love creating solutions and working with creative people.

My spiritual is moving fine too. I am currently reading three books (well there are others, I am reading several books simultaneously, I guess it is that stuff about multitasking). There is one called the intercessors handbook by Jennifer Eivaz, Sons of the prophet or another title by Vallotton (my sister is bugging me to let go of her internet, uggghhrrr!) and Girls with swords by Lisa Bevere.


Well, have a great week and hopefully I should be blogging by next Friday.



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