Just sharing a video this weekend

I don’t know if it is just me but this music is amazing!



Have a great weekend people.

I learned a new name for God this week.

He is called Jehovah El Emeth which means the God of truth.

My dear friend who got me interested in dominion in 2010, we knew ourselves by our blog names, her name was @lightalamp. Her blog was lightalamp, I used to read her blog at least three times a week.

I have a passion for God and the character of God so I stop in my track when I hear the name of God.

Anyways when I saw Jehovah El Emeth, she gave me the hook up. She direct me to this daily devotional on Youversion. It doesn’t matter if you already use one. I use three, actually I use one but I can tune into any of the three when I want but I added this:

Daily Devotional for the names of God



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