Lessons: From thoughts

If God says you are blessed, you’re blessed

No narrative however intelligent sounding changes that.

Absolutes you can depend on:

With the Holy Ghost on your side, you can never be disadvantaged:

You are recreated with the nature of God. With the nature of God, you can overcome and overpower every situation, circumstance of challenge by engaging the power of your faith. Don’t ever think that you don’t have faith. Everyone who has confessed Jesus as Lord has a measure of faith, you just have to start using it. It is like a muscle, the more you use it, the


The eyes of the Lord move to an fro the earth looking for who He may be strong on their behalf

You are not just anyone on the earth. You are God’s beloved and He cares for you. He loves you. He is in love with you. He came to the earth in the person of His son, Jesus. The son of God. He then did everything you will have to do and died on the cross for you. When Jesus died, he went to hell, defeated the devil and his cohorts, got the keys of death and of hell and then he resurrected and took His blood to the father in heaven to offer as a ransom for you. (I will writing a post on sin and it being dealt with soon. I will link back)


When Jesus died and resurrected, he opened the road for the covenant between you and God to be struck

God made a covenant with Abraham that caused him to walk on the earth as a blessed man. When Jesus offered God His blood, He opened a door for God to make a covenant with you and thus relationship. A covenant relationship is the strongest relationship on earth and amazing when promises are kept. God is an amazing faithful God and He keeps His promises. That faithful God enters into covenant with you when you make His son Lord. By coming into relationship with Him, you give Him permission to intervene with every area of your life. Best of all, it is an intimate relationship where you know that your covenant partner is faithful. Read about God and Abraham, that relation raised to a power of hundred is what God wants with you.


Whose report do you believe?

The choice is yours to believe or not. There is so much good news but God leaves you with the right to either believe in His goodness or in the rot that is in the world. I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing. Choose life. Notice that he didn’t say choose blessing. Jesus is the life and in Him is blessing also. So if presented with choices today, choose life. the good thing is that everyday presents you with the choice to choose life or death or blessing and cursing. God didn’t leave things to chance, He said, choose life in your thoughts and your words and your actions. To choose life with your words but death with your thoughts and your actions in the privacy of your home is playing lip service with God. Who does that?

Good thing, you can choose again today or tomorrow if you please to choose life with your words, thoughts and actions.


The glory of God has been restored back to you.

I used the crown as my feature picture so that you would know that God has gifted you with a crown, not two weeks after you got saved or two months but the day you gave Him your life. God has gifted you with eternal life. If you have the son, you have life. If you don’t have the son, you don’t have life. Read John, 1 John, 2 John and 3 John.


This is truth

Your feeling, your situations or your present circumstance is not truth. If you believe, your circumstances will bow to the truth of God’s word but you need to know that faith is not a feeling, neither is it hope and best of all, you have faith. You don’t have faith because you can feel so faith-ful, it is not a feeling. You have faith because you are loved by God and He has gifted you with faith. More than that, you are not your face, your body, your legs or your intelligent, you are a supernatural being recreated by God and you ought to spend time with God so that you can know who you are.

You are  spirit with a soul (like  possession) and you live inside a body (necessary so you can operate on this earth). Your spirit interacts with God because God is spirit (John 4:24). Your soul is meant to obey your spirit and your body is meant to obey your spirit.

Too much?
Read your bible daily or talk with your pastor to learn more.

Be open to you pastor. If you are filled with the Holy Ghost He will prompt you. If you have not yet trained to recognize the difference between God’s voice and the devils voice, start reading your bible and getting guidance from your pastor or lay leader. Buy book by Kenneth Copeland, Kenneth Hagin, Bill Johnson, Joseph Prince. Read them alongside your bible.


Smith Wigglesworth was a very effective revivalist and all he ever read was his bible.

Read God’s Generals I & II

Preach the gospel. Don’t wait till you are perfect to preach the gospel. Pray every time before you preach the gospel.


Pray Isaiah 11 on you. If a man purge himself, he shall be a vessel unto honour, sanctified and meet for the master’s use  2 Timothy 2:21

God is the one who makes holy. Although he won’t come down from heaven to make you holy. You will need to work holy by the power of the Holy Ghost in you. Pray and talk to God, He will help you. He honours your request when you acknowledge Him. God sanctifies. Don’t waste much time feeling condemned. Rise up and take the crown of glory that God gives you when you get saved.


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