I am always thinking.

It is my weakness and my strength when I can’t control what filters into my mind and my strength when I determine to arm myself with books and tapes and control the environment and the people I let into my circles.

I always pondering.

What does God feel? What does God think? Why does God give me the time of the day? If he didn’t what would be my faith? Why is God so good? Apparently James 1 answers all of that, that book says, “In Him is no darkness at all”. I have to then conclude that anything that looks in any way like evil is the enemy.

always having something on my mind

Always wondering about people and because my face is almost like an open book, if you look closely, you can see what I think about you clearly. I don’t have a poker face even though I can sometimes mask my feelings just not all the time because your emotions are sometimes necessary when you communicate with God

Today, I have got righteousness on my mind…

Almost always. I speak about righteousness and the first thing most want to do is show what they can do that could qualify them for righteousness. Righteousness is a gift before it is something you can do so it’s not all about self-effort. 1 Corinthians 5:21 and still many think it doesn’t apply to them. They keep trying to qualify in their strength. I guess only the Holy Ghost can show the way, all I can do is speak.

I also want to stop murmuring

I have in my head and in my heart. I conquered murmuring with my mouth by faith in God and practicing His goodness. God hates murmuring, it hinders the believers relationship with Him.The thing about being in God’s finishing school is, you have to deny yourself. Only knowing that it strengthens my spirit to rule encourages me to deny myself. Sometimes I want to go on a binge and do everything my flesh wants like Coldstone ice cream every day but I like not being obese. The ice cream would stop being sweet when I look in the mirror and hate what I see.

and start praising more

I praise in my sleep and in my waking hour. I have been talking to a friend and she says I should reduce my TV intake. I know why I should but I don’t see why I should. My flesh is not ready to let go. I love to praise on worship not even because of God’s presence. God is always with me whether I feel Him or not. Hebrews 13:4-6, my wilderness experience taught me that. 2010-2013 was a struggle, I felt imprisoned because I was surrendering to do God’s will and not what my flesh wanted.

Praising God is an act of faith.

My faith is good. After all it is not mine but the possession of the spirit of Christ in me (Gal 2:20). I have the faith of God and possibly the gift of faith and yet God doesn’t give me everything I want. He is still sovereign as concerns the lives of the people on earth. Yet he takes care of me and meets my need when I have the courage to pray.

I am learning to surrender all of my family to God and not feel the need to control everything because the Holy Ghost still knows better than me. I am still in a safer place when I ask Him what I should pray about then pray in tongues than when I want to judge by sight.

Step by step, it is.

“Where You lead, I will follow”

It is an old carpenters song my mom and dad used to play for us as kids, my parents were very European in their thinking, classical music, state dinners, the works…

This song means that ultimately, in spite of anyone in the middle, the Holy Ghost leads me, He knows the roadmaps better than me. He has every word of knowledge that I may need at the right time.

Yes, I am studying the gifts of the spirit again. You might buy the book if you want.

I am reading God the Holy Spirit by Enoch A Adeboye. Good book. No that is not my church but it is a good book.



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