Moving Forward

Thank God I’m laughing again
I learned yesterday that everyone has adversaries no matter how big you get.

I learned also that sticks and stones can break your bones only when you give them your attention.

I’m in a bus. Just saw two men get down from the bus to help a fellow man driving a Jeep. How is it that guys help guys effortlessly?

I’ve met women who are committed to help other women despite being hurt by them. I intend to be just like them. I will help other women too despite being hurt by them.

The year is new and I’m determined to walk in love. It has already being tested by a family member and it still works.
Do you know it is easier to be testy with family members and kind to outsiders?

For the outsiders, you’re out to make an impression instead of being authentic. Oh well, one of my goals is having the right attitude towards family and towards others. Family is important to me.

Yes. Finally I believe I have a calling of God on my life and I must discover exactly what it is.

So you know, I’m a great encourager but I’m not the best at being a people person, if I have a laptop, food at arms reach, I don’t have to spend time with anyone. I’m good company for myself, add music and I will be at my most creative and productive.

Unfortunately life doesn’t work that way, even geniuses have to relate with other people. I’m a genius who comes from a family of geniuses with high IQs to show for it.

I’m also a faith woman from a long lineage of people who walk by faith, the first one being Abraham.

If I had never met Jesus, I would be living in one gigantic house at the top of the hill just creating good stuff, and I would be fulfilled and satisfied doing that (of course the package would include a husband and three kids at my beck and call). Of course life doesn’t work that way.

But i am digressing; I did give my life and its a good thing.

One of the things that goes with a life that belongs to Jesus is service to the Lord.

One of the ways of serving is doing whatever you do as unto the Lord.

How do I interpret this?
God can see you on the earth, whatever you do, even if you’re getting paid, do it as if you were working for God.
So no matter where you work, in the office, in the home or in a religious institution, an NGO, in business or in the force, do it as if you were working for the Lord, doing that is God-honouring.

It pleases God when you do it. It brings glory to His name.

The world believes in a principle such as ‘biting the hands that feed you’.

I don’t believe in that worldly principle.

I believe that you do right by people. When you work for them, you do it as though you work for the Lord. When you have done that, worked for man as if you were working for God, you owe no man anything but love.

One of the things I am committed to doing is working with kingdom principles as opposed to working with worldly principles. You may feel like you are being taken advantage when you give and work for more than you are paid for, but when you do that, heaven takes care of you.

That’s that for the morning.
It’s a principle that will work for everyone.

Work, keeping in mind that you are working for the Lord and do it excellently.

More valuable than making profit on earth is submitting to the heavenly kingdom, that is acknowledging as king, Lord and saviour the owner of the kingdom of God.

If you want to know more about Jesus, or you want to be led to surrender your life to Jesus, send me a mail at

So for my favourite pictures of the week.


I believe in leadership by influence, you become a leader by influence. One of the things i’m learning is how to be frugal even though I live in plenty to ensure I allocate resources to the things I have planned for in my yearly goal. If you can help, send me a mail.


I believe that the believer has authority in Christ. Discover this and learn how to walk in it  daily.


I believe that until you have something inside, you can’t keep or sustain it outside.

Be it a good self image, great self esteem, a knowledge of who you are in Christ, a good forgiver with a great attitude etc.

I come from the kingdom where you can’t have anything until you say it. Where you give to increase and where you sow to reap.


Phil 4:8


I trust God’s plan for my life.

I was talking to my sister earlier and telling her how that growing up in Christ is a personal choice just like salvation. Walking in love and growing in grace is a personal, and that everything we meet in life will either destroy us or cause us to grow towards God and that it is our choice to respond right.

God said, he has set before us life and death. No matter how things look, there’s life and there’s death and we have a right to choose because He said so.

I pray that you choose life today, in your words, in your thoughts and in your actions. I pray that you believe the word of God and you do it.

I pray that you choose to forgive. I pray that you choose to follow God.

If you are born again, you have the power to do this very thing. You have the power to prosper. You have the power to succeed. You have the power to win.

The ball is in your court.
Do you believe?


Have a great day.

7 thoughts on “Moving Forward

  1. Interesting, I too believe that everything we do is all about a personal choice and commitment!….
    2016 is a great year to love better and more…..


  2. Hello again. Good to hear from you.
    I am glad to hear that you do believe.
    Yes, I do trust God’s plan for my life too.

    What can I give you as a first time visitor. Can I send you a PDF of material that will be beneficial to you for the year? Would that be okay?

    Please send me your email address?


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