Blogging for newbies

Wanna learn to blog?
It is easy.

Blogging can be on a whim or on a time table.

What’s been happening lately?

I’m taking a crash course on meekness and self control. I’ve been examining my life and I think I let some things go. I’m working on being more yielded to the Holy Spirit too.

What has been happening in my world?

My world is doing great by the grace of God. I carry my own atmosphere. When it comes to the world system though, they keep getting crazier. Adultery is legal in SA, Incest is legal in Germany; Gay marriage is legal in the US and all that.
Those laws don’t change the laws of God. Grateful for that. I am glad I know Jesus because I imagine how confusing it will be for those whose principles are not guided by God. They would eventually experiment and start being led by the enemy.

I love to please God. That is the one thing that was imparted to my spirit when I got baptized with the Holy Ghost.

The Holy Spirit you receive at new birth is for development of fruit. I need the Holy Ghost so much right now. If there’s something I desire so much, its fruit. I had a dream early this year or sometime last year about fruit on a tree and I know it has some significance to me. God is interested in fruit bearing and I should be too.

God wants me meek, kind, humble, full of faith, faithful, practicing goodness, long suffering, loving, joyful, patient, and all of those things

He expects these things to increase in my life and this is my focus for the week, month, the rest of the years, developing good fruit.

I desire to fulfil the purpose of God for my life more than anything. I am preparing for it daily by the grace of God. I pray for the breathe of the Holy Spirit on my plans. I’d gladly forfeit my plans for His any time as soon as I am certain of His will.

Response to gay marriage:

Some people say, walk in love.
Some people declare their stand.

I don’t hate gay people. I hate the fact that they are influenced by the devil.

I pray daily to continually remain under the influence of the Holy Ghost. Without the Holy Ghost, without God’s presence in my life I would be just flesh and be like the rest of the world. I want to be like God, live like Jesus, be conscious of heaven and that it is my home daily. I am a visitor on the earth living amongst people who need a saviour. My heart goes out to them and I must have a corresponding action to that compassion. I must do all I can to reach them, invite them to church to meet with Jesus, give them a chance at salvation by telling them about the man who was God who came to the earth on a mission to grow up and die and a cross. The price of redemption is great. Let me share it. I receive grace to do so.

So which response is right?
Which one is wrong?

Some of my favorite pics for this week are:


I’m a new creation
Conscious of being in God’s family
A citizen of heaven
I’m born of God
Yes, I’m living the Christ life, no longer my own.


I’ve been teaching my sis this. Just because you’re angry doesn’t mean you can use words that don’t edify.

Words destroy
Words build
You’re a king and a priest
Stay conscious of what you are saying daily
God expects you to be a good steward of your words.


I want to be like Jesus all of the time.
So help me God.


Miracle are gotten and kept words
Everything you need is already inside you
Because the Holy Ghost is living in you.

If you’re born again God’s Spirit lives in you.
If you’re not, email me at and I’ll help meet the best person you will ever meet forever.


I got this from a Christian friend of mine. They are action plans to act what you believe. She trains me in certain areas.

Faith: acting what you believe.


I’m a citizen of heaven, yay!


Yes I do.
I can never love Jesus like He loves me but I love Him as much as I can right now.


Unconditional love.



God’s word


Hearing God happens naturally.
It started with waking me daily for prayer meeting cos I used to love my sleep so much.
#Grace #Discipline




God has been good.
Tough month but I have seen so much good that He’s done, I’m amazed

I would gladly live daily amazed because God has shown me The wants to do me good daily.

I’m humbled by His love.


NB: On blogging, write on what you are passionate about.



8 thoughts on “Blogging for newbies

  1. “My prayer is to be like Jesus”. That’s my prayer every day…to radiate His glory in all that I do and when people look at me, they don’t see me but see God. Love the collection of quotes. Permission to steal a few 🙂


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