Faith & Love & Other things

Easier when it is uncomplicated. God is goodness personified so whatever you’re desiring God wants better for you.
Heb 11:6
He that comes to God must believe that He is…

The sovereign God does exist. I have come to Him and I rest secure under the shadow of His wings. My path shines brighter.

It is only difficult when self is reigning. When you let go and let God it comes easy.
I’m not perfect at walking in love but I stay willing. I’m the love child of a love God. How can I do any less?

I tried to be less committed to the church emotionally and physically but God is having none of that. He is doing so many spiritual surgeries in me and mine, I’m grateful for His goodness.

So I’m gonna walk in love in church and outside of it, my flesh don’t like it but as Jesus is my Lord and owner, I submit to His rulership. To the best of my ability and His ability.

This relationship with God is awesome. He keeps challenging my thought patterns with His word and I stay surrendering to thinking like Him all the time.

I am not certain of all things all the time but I am certain that God is always with me and doing me good all the time and working His will in my life daily. He’s leading, guiding and protecting me and mine.

Wait for it, though it tarry, it will come…

Sovereignty is a powerful word.

In God’s sovereignty He doesn’t do just anything, He does good. Look out for His goodness…

Here’s some of the things I meditated on this week:


My sister made me an aunt last month. Lord I give you glory.
Knowing family, we are all pitching in and sacrificing to nurture the new life God has blessed us with. With the help of the Holy Ghost, we will be good stewards.


Pastor Saeed is one of the persecuted Christians. I pray that he will be able to subdue His flesh and tap into the heavenly resources prepared for Him. I also pray for the comfort of the Holy Spirit for his wife and children.


My confidence. I heard this scripture first in February 2001. As usual I was doubting love. Independent me. I was at my wits end. Awesome Father that God is, He wouldn’t give up on me. I dialogued and dialogued and dialogued with God before trusting Him.

I asked questions tire, when he wouldn’t let go, the burden wouldn’t lift from my spirit, I told him I’d say yes. When the altar call was made, I still wouldn’t step out. I eventually surrendered on the 23rd of March while watching Turning Point at 1am. Got the Holy Spirit 6 months later and I don’t ever doubt God’s because He went to great lengths to show it and prove it. He’s always ready to answer my questions.

Got God?
If you don’t, you should seek Him and find Him and never leave Him. He’s a great friend, great Father, great protection. His staying power inspires me to have staying power in my relationship with Him.
I remember when I just graduated and was looking for a church, any church to worship Him. I woke up to rain. I had no umbrella. I convinced my sister that we can walk in the rain to go and see God. It was a 45 min walk. In the rain. When you dare God, He rises to meet your expectation. God doesn’t fit no text book or no box, He can do anything and usually does for those who would step out of their comfort zone to believe and trust Him. Above all


In God’s  kingdom, everyone is valuable. Take your place. I was worried recently that I wasn’t  reverencing God like I should. I kept putting pressure on myself until I created a distance between God and me. Devotion was difficult because I assumed God was not pleased. Maybe He wasn’t. I wasn’t paying attention.

“Son, attend to my word…”

I think I wasn’t depending on Him like I should or talking to Him. I was sure He was still interested in my life because I was getting instructions and miracles. It wasn’t enough because there was no intimacy with God. I was the ultimate sorter…laugh out loud.

I don’t know that I’m as intimate with God as I should but at least I’m talking to God again. Like “How far? What about this, is it okay with you?”
I’m talking sha


My path is shining brighter o jare
God hasn’t changed His mind
When I’ve been in His presence, the crowd doesn’t bother me.
I’m whole and complete.

Reading my bible this morning,

“Because I have set the Lord at my right hand, I shall not be moved”


“Some trust in horses and others in chariots but our trust is in the name of the Lord”.


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