Love Month

As the love month ends
Walking in love continues
All those stubborn enemies I will deal with you
The more vindictive you get, the more I’m gonna love you till you get tired of being onto me.
Not with natural love
With natural love, I want to smash you on the head with that big stone they used to cover Jesus tomb
See thoughts
Thank God for his mercy shall.


This week I need to remember that the enemy is the spirit behind the people and not the people
The enemy is the devil
Weapons like big stones don’t work against principalities and powers.
Prayer and love works
Lord give me grace to pray to you and not do a prayer ritual that covers the bases
Help me fellowship with you.
Help me get my engine started and feed me with utterance
Keep my cup full always
Help me keep my attention on You and away from distractions
Help me keep my prayers sincere and not impressive

I’m glad I don’t have to impress You
I’m secure in Your love.
Help me simply say:
“Papa, its Your daughter, I’m here again, I need You”

And when you say what’s been happening, “I say, everything with a huge sigh”

Then I cover it all in prayers.

I’ve been seeing God’s goodness all month long. Help me tell my Lord, thank You. I don dey talk am, e be like say e no go ever reach.

Here are my favourite pics this week.





Have a great week y’ll


5 thoughts on “Love Month

  1. Lovely piece Tessa!
    The weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty through God to pull down strongholds.
    “Weapons like big stones don’t work against principalities and powers.
    Prayer and love works”
    Love this!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you.
      It is right
      It came straight from my heart to God’s heart.
      I’m so glad He’s in love with me. I need Him so much.

      Grace for prayer, grace to love, grace to stay under the Holy Spirit s influence.


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