So many things on my mind…

I have so many shouts outs to give to loved ones but I am weary of social media and its sometimes lack of authenticity.

A dear childhood friend released her magazine today. Her mom was in the media if I am not mistaken so she was my idea of a mother & wife who works also. I am really excited about her magazine so if you’re driving back from lunch or having dinner and you see it, do collect and keep. It is excellent. Francesca does write good. She is a sister and the epitome of today’s woman. Loves God. Loves people. She’s passionate about a family and a career and most importantly wants to live a purposeful life and make a difference. I am proud of her.


I keep pictures. Beautiful pictures. I’m partial to beauty and anything that reflects His glory. I’m not a foodie but I would not mind eating this. It kooks like shrimp, egg and fruits. It looks sumptuous even though I would be filled just gazing at it all day.


By now registration is probably full. Joy Bewaji whom I share a secondary school with, author and TV personality will be speaking at the Writers Fair this Saturday. Look out for the feedback on what happened at the Writers Fair next week. Subscribe for a newsletter at

Here’s her latest book. I have not read it yet but I am looking out for it.


So that is it for today. Did I mention xenophobia? No and I won’t. My other blog will take the brunt of my emotions, burdens and prayers.

Have fun this weekend.


3 thoughts on “So many things on my mind…

  1. Even though I have not met Joy in person, I absolutely adore her (and her work). I think she is a brilliant writer.


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