May reloading


What success feels like!
It will take you down many roads, it is your prerogative to be selective and chart your course according to divine handwriting still.

I believe success is doing whatever God has asked you to do to the best of His ability.
You’re not called to do it yourself
You’re called to do it with Him.


Lovely picture. It speaks to my soul.


Being present all the time is priority. I’m extending my boundaries daily
Taking more territory by God’s grace.
Preparing daily also.


On a set somewhere in Lagos
I posted this on my Instagram account.


Some books I saw on facebook. I have read 6 of the 9. Who has read them all?

I be voracious reader. It is a blessing and sometimes a trial. Others things suffer cos I prioritise reading.


Friends, sisters, brothers, parents, those who matter.

I want to make a difference and leave my mark in the sands of time. Gaining momentum, yes I am.


I’m currently walking in love.
You wouldn’t know it just to see my life right now.
You know how the devil always tries to convince you that love aint in your spirit. Yeah, he’s doing that so I’m pressing because I know greater is He that is in me.
My spirit is loaded. I know that. I am who God says I am, I have what He says I have. I can do what He says I can do
I’m fully persuaded.

Thankful for His mercies and everlasting love. I am connected to God. I’m attached to His vine and I’m supplied by the river of God.


I say make I blog. Wetin
Night is as good as day, even better for me.

I make connections for varying reasons. Over the years, I have perceived that while some connections build you up, some tear you down. It may be weird but I feel energised just talking to some people and weakened/attacked just talking to some others.

This life we live, it is more than ordinary eye. I’m like, maybe words are right but intentions aren’t right and probably that’s a check in the spirit.

You know, the spirit of God is our standby and He communicates with our spirit so that we know when to pray, what to pray about, who to call, when and why? I pray for more sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.

It is well. Greater is He that lives in me.


2 thoughts on “May reloading

  1. I have read all 9. some were bought for me and some were lying around the house and I picked them up and devoured them…..


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