A blogger’s post inspired me… #Impressed #20ThingsEvenIdidnotknow

Who am I? I know. But there were times I wasn’t sure…It is another ‘blog tag’ time on here. Okay! Let me gush about something. The past few months have been amazing, I have to say. I have met lovely bloggers, read their write ups, seen their hand works and I have learnt from them as well. Who said blogging can’t be fun? Apart from sharing thoughts on the blog, these connections have been astonishing. Let me also confess that, I have stalked some bloggers that I have not reached out to yet, with time, I will reach out. I just want to make sure that I am managing my present connections well, before adding on. It is necessary! 

I can’t remember who nominated me but I briefly remember Mayowa Ogundele nominating me. I did that one. It is the one that Chinonmso Precious did that I did not respond so that is what I am doing now. Thank you Chinonmso Precious.

Choose 15 blogs/bloggers that you have recently discovered or follow regularly:

This is very difficult. Do I know 15 bloggers. Kind of. Just don’t want to mention some and then have enemies in the ones that I did not mention.

Let me try to mention the 20 things:

1. I can’t stand mockery. I grew up hating nastiness, rudeness, anything that shows that one was not trained properly. I had to learn tact though.

2. I hate insincerity of any kind. I would rather stay silent than make empty talk. People that don’t know me think I am quiet and people that know me think I am talkative.

3. I am a very loyal friend. I can do anything for friend or family. To qualify as friend of family takes longer than a year.

4. I forgive betrayal but once you are forgiven, access is withdrawn. If you must have access to me, you must understand that it is a privilege that should be valued. I know who I am.

5. I am that girl that never had to join any clubs. Still don’t join clubs. Classic loner, gifted, talented world changer. I am aware of the gifting God has put in me and I am grateful for it.

6. I don’t eat the foods of people I consider insincere. Eating food is special to me, I don’t like or trust you and I would rather die than put your food in my mouth.

7. If I fight with a friend, I wipe out every trace of your existence from my domain. I can only hold unto your property if you have a special place in my heart.

8. I hate eba, hate beans, can manage rice and stew. I love fried fish, fried chicken, hate boiled fish (throw up), like chicken (fried) and chips.

9. I love Egusi and Okro only. All other soups are eaten only because of my really great adaptation skills.

10. Born again, spirit filled and alive to God. No matter what anyone thinks I know who I am. Fought tooth and nail to guard every single thing I believe, will never let go of it no matter what. My close friends have experienced this trait.

11. Stubborn faith. Tenacious hope. I choose love by force and choice. I will work in love because the Holy Ghost has put love in me.

12. Love my dad (God help him), love my mom (God break her strongholds), love my siblings, we grew up with the idea of all or nothing, we don’t belong in this world, honestly. We are too good and too sincere. I am not having it any other way. God give us wisdom to walk circumspectly.

13. I dream dreams like Joseph. Yes, I am aware others have their beliefs based on their experiences. Joseph is my role model and I choose to meditate on him than on other people’s bad experiences. “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he”.

Scripture backing: In the last days, I will pour out all my spirit upon all flesh and my… (Look for it in Joel)

14. I love my job. Love my field. Love my career. Believe that God is creating opportunities for me to thrive in it greatly. My address is http://www.imagineitincorporatedng.com

15. I hate swimming. I don’t ever intend to learn. I don’t like water either.

16. I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.

17. I don’t look at the world as one big great wonder that I have to explore and conquer but by God’s grace, I want that back. I don’t want clipped wings. I want to soar.

18. I don’t always know what I will do until that moment comes. I think impulsively a lot but I put a tamper on it so that I can think things through first.

19. I don’t do B.S. The Holy Spirit just knows how to calm me down sha!

20. I decided not to insult people but when people are so freaking stupid, I study them analytically, put them under my very own internal microscope, dissect them until I can see every flaw in them then systematically inform them of ever flaw in them but in a quiet calm voice; very honest voice.

One of the first scriptures I learned is a soft answer turns away wrath. No matter how quiet my voice is though, you will be full of wrath when I am done.

Is there anything else?

I am full of the Spirit most of the time, you don’t want to see me in the flesh. I am hardly in the flesh. I like to believe that I walk in the Spirit all the time but once in a while, I lose my temper and then people come in contact with the lion of the tribe of Judah in me, no that’s not true, they come in touch with the son of man; with the flesh.

By God’s grace though I am usually in the Spirit and my tongue is tamed. But when I am not…you don’t want to come in contact with me.

It is usually refreshing to come across with someone who walks in the Spirit also, they don’t rub you the wrong way so much but the truth is that the nasty, mean and crooked of mind, they are the one that the Holy Ghost can use to teach you Galatians 5:21-23


Thank you so much Chinonmso, it has been a while since I spoke so freely

21. I don’t waste words. If someone is trying to practice guile on me, I usually say nothing. Why bother when I know what you are doing. I can fathom your intentions why help you with the small talk you want to use to arrive at an already set goal. Just keep talking, the floor is yours.

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