Yay! I am blogging from my mobile phone

It’s going to be a great month
I am expecting advancement on all sides for me and all connected to me.
I am blessed and flourishing even in famine because I am connected to the Most High.
Everything my hands touch prospers.
I speak divine judgment on my adversaries in Jesus name, amen.

Spiritual authority is not rocket science.
Spiritual authority is simply talking because you know that God loves you, is for you and is backing you.

Faith causes you to exercise authority
I never struggle to have faith because I am secure in God’s love.

This month of February is a blessed month. In all the days of the month, opportunities and people are gathering to bless me and favour me. Every where I go, I am favoured. I find favour in the sight of kings and princes.

I am living by faith daily. I cannot be stopped because no weapon fashioned against me shall prosper. Every tongue that rises against me, I condemn and decree divine judgement on all of such in Jesus name, amen.

I am blessed and highly favoured and my steps are ordered by God. I have direction and instruction from the Most High.


Awesome February!
Happy New Month.


3 thoughts on “Yay! I am blogging from my mobile phone

  1. Amen
    Some of my closest friends confess the word over themselves daily
    I believe it should be a way of life for a Christian to affirm daily that you are who God says that you are.

    Your testimonies on your blog are awesome by the way, certainly there will be more to the glory of God.


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