How I misunderstood someone who is doing some good on Twitter

It is that time of the year!

dance, sing, laugh, hang out with friends Yes. but it is also the time when you give back.

Most people know me as a social media enthusiast, I call myself a social media manager and I am pretty good at it. All you need to do is tell me what you want and I will get it done as long as the resources are made available so it was one of those days, actually yesterday and I was scanning through twitter (One of the smartest things a social media enthusiast/manager should master is social listening; simply put, what is everyone talking about?) So I saw this tweet here.

pic 3

Pic 1

I immediately jumped into ‘voltron’ mode to defend honest Nigerians honour. I always want to proof that we are not all into the corruption thing so I began defending her honour blindly.

See here:

pic 2

I was just wondering aloud why anyone would want to seat in the middle of dustbin to promise to give people bag of rice. Lo and behold, some lady that honored recently jumped in and gave the woman a compliment. I was like ‘reverse’ read that again.

Read the post here.

I know a lot of honest Nigerians doing great things, I used to work for a magazine company five years ago and I interviewed her and she’s really amazing. So I was like, see what politics does to our people. Then I went back to read the tweet. She’s asking for people to donate bags of rice/garri so that she can feed the people who can’t afford to. This is a good cause. I instantly started making amends. See her twitter account here.

So here’s the website.

Some other Nigerians are giving clothes to the northern children who are refugees in Nigeria. Her name is Hajara Pitan. I don’t have much money to give so I volunteered my time and talent. I am bringing the information so that as you plan all your Yankee/Jand trips, outings, comedies, dramas and parties you will be going to, add this one. They need clothes to transport to the north. You can reach her through this blog or her Facebook account, just send an inbox or add a comment (Please all clothes must be in good condition, use ya church mind). There’s even a giveaway going on, what can I say? December is the month of all-round, widespread generosity.

I have another fellow blogger who does a food drive. They give out cooked food and raw food and vegetable oil just to make life better for the ordinary man on the street. You can give here too. Her name is Ohlumayowa and she’s an OAP. Check her for her blog or Facebook account or her twitter account.

Please give to the building of your church. I do that a lot. You can also give to the building of my church. God recognizes those things.

If you want to give to the building of my church (we are giving currently) email me at I am not collecting cash o, I am sending you the account number. After you are done, you can email me the scanned teller so that I can submit it and the church will pray for you. More importantly though God will recognize your giving. I bear witness that God sees and speaks. It is not by force o, it is by choice so that you give cheerfully and get the rewards attached.

This is what Christmas is about! This is the kind of Christmas I love where you have been so blessed that you just want others blessed. Keep your heart open jare and your soul fed, there is a satisfaction that comes from doing the word.

“When I was hungry, you fed me…”

“If you give in the name of a prophet, you get a prophet’s reward…

And if you are not a Christian, you can still give out of the kindness of your heart, Cornelius giving got him noticed by God and God sent one of His sons to Him and they received the Holy Ghost and you can never go wrong giving. But please check your motives, it is not sara (juju things), we are giving because we are blessed by God and that is why we ‘have’ to give.

If you are still thinking of being an entrepreneur and you don’t now the first thing about it, let me give you a little push. Visit this site and start learning everything you need to know to become a successful business person.

For my blog on my core which is social media media marketing or advertising and the blog is here.


4 thoughts on “How I misunderstood someone who is doing some good on Twitter

  1. Pls don’t worry much it does happened. I think sometimes, people are not all that after grivances, born of error of appreciation or just willful to hurt and cause any pain.

    And as for me, any point of critics, I always take it now as an encouragement being a very lazy writter from the onset. I find it hard to be offended.

    Have a very nice days. Your thought, I hope has alrady been welcome by the person in question. You can move on as he may be on your page and has since accepted your error.



    • She forgave quickly.
      I was grateful for that.
      If not for God’s grace that is the wind beneath my wings
      The winds blows where it is, no man know where it goeth or is coming from, so is everyone born of the Spirit. He makes me and mine a wonder.

      Liked by 1 person

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