I love blue and what I did 2 weekends ago?


What's in my bag?

I love blue!

I am not quite sure what this shade of blue is but it is amazing and irresistible.

I got invited for the iWOW Zumbathon event. What were my gains? At least 2 weeks before I was checking my boobs regularly. I actually learned how to check my boob via one of the newsletters. Join the subscribers at http://www.i-wow.org.

I checked my boob but was certainly not going to let anyone else (man or woman, it makes no difference to me, it’s my body) do so. I was at the Zumbathon which held at Oriental Hotel Beautiful place.


Oriental Hotel

There were a lot of stars present even though I didn’t recognize some people on ground. People like Yinka Davies, Foluke Daramola and Chioma Chukwuka. I was star searching so bad because I was taking pictures of stars specifically and of everyone there; it was so much fun.


Julius Agwu: He's a professional


I love his movie Mr & Mrs, he and Nse Ikpi Etim were dynamite. I don't usually watch 
Nollywood movies but they were good together, stunning artistes.


No shakara jare, I got a pic with Julius the genius who was gonna be governor of PH, he seemed 
ready, maybe 2019 then.


This dragon fly moment was priceless!

Well that’s that. Next post, I’ll update you on what else happened there!

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