How I learned the definition of Beauty?

I used to think that beauty was perfection.

Loved this song from this morning. It communicates what is in my heart clearly.

God makes beautiful

Before I met God I was beautiful but not real, I was glass

Now I am clay, beautiful clay because of the treasure on my inside…

My beauty is undefinable because I don’t even know the totality of it

Every day is a revelation of who I could be in God’s hands

I am thankful today for the Holy Ghost and that He doesn’t leave me even when I act like I would rather He left me alone

He knows that I don’t mean it but my desire to control everything gets the better of me

So today I am thankful for the person of the Holy Ghost and the roles that He plays in my life

and how He counsels me even when I feel that stubborn feeling cropping up

and how He constantly constantly leads me and how He is always on time.

I am grateful for truth that the Holy Ghost gives because constantly I am reminded of how weird my thinking is when I talk to others and get to know what they really think and how far it is from God’s truth.

It just helps me value godly counsel over and over again

I am not afraid to be different or ashamed of being different instead by grace I embrace who I am and who God has made me and how He has guided me over the years and still guide me.

I am thankful for 4th September 2001 and 9th of April 2009 and all the dates that the Holy Ghost makes special because He gives me illumination and understanding, my wonderful grey matter as precious as it is could never accomplish what the Holy Spirit has accomplished in my life and is still doing.

When I talk with others time and again I realize how crazy my dreams seem but I serve the God who can make those dreams come true. He is both the giver and the fulfiller of dreams.

Sometimes when I considers other people’s reality I know how humbled I feel and I can get it when the angels say “what is man that God is mindful?”

It is not beef but wonder but God is so much more than I could ever fully comprehend because no matter how much I think I know Him and I do know Him, I could never know Him finish; there is always more in God.


Just thankful for the gift of today and what God would want to do with it, I open my heart to the Lord to do His will by grace.


PS I never start out to be so so spiritual but I cannot deny who I am or pretend to be like anyone else on the earth, I am not, I am unique because God knows my name and He cared enough to let me find Him…

This is #blessed the way God has revealed Himself to me, this is the #blessed that I know to have access and to know God’s presence. What could compare?

By God’s grace, I pray that I would stop trying to blend with the crowd and live, truly LIVE and let the treasure; the Holy Ghost shine through.

I was beauty but I never really felt beautiful until I knew the Holy Ghost. He opened my eyes to see me for who I am in Him. That is #blessed knowing God as He is.

Tessa Doghor is a social media manager in Lagos who manages amongst other things. She blogs professionally at


3 thoughts on “Beautiful!

  1. Bravo to say,

    In life I’ve always believe, it make sense for any man to hang unto something. Essentially, when in the early age to a believe system that ensure and enhanced some level of sincere LOVE of any moral value.
    , as a means to be know or acquire wealth, some kind of fault play have dangerously set in-thereby fake sole and soul proclamation not to be truth and trustworthy, the mere fact, sometimes seing one that hang on this pious value, can deserve esteem.

    I hate judging people, therefore, I’m bound to believe you, in such a situation where a long period of human instability tend to drag a lots of us down, it is here worth of emulation the courage to say so, and testimont that you’ve met GOD, not minding people, the how they see you or the regard towards one………….in this pretentious life.

    Anyway, as they say the eyes see the human perspectives and the leg do the walking to take the body to which ever dimension we wish for ourselves.

    Tessa Doghor, stuffs like this can not provoke any anger towards you, but can only raise comment and point of view differ………………………….in it I’ll commending your sincerity and love as the piece can live; stand the must fearful of the fearless.

    Bravo, keep it up. Happy to able to share your thought. Pull up and chill on.


  2. Wow
    Thank you.

    I didn’t understand much of what you said here but I hope it is edifying
    “Akowe”- I think that it what it is called in Yoruba

    It is simply a blog post…one of many that expresses my thoughts at the time.



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