How important your perspective is!

What kind of perspective do you have?

How do you see?

What kind of eyes do you look at life?

The bible says that “As far as you can see, that is how far God has given to you“.

So you have to see something. What are you seeing? What you don’t see, you cannot receive.

Also you can’t know what to see except you have gone into God’s word to see the way God sees.

A preacher once said, Christianity is the great profession.

It means that you must always be saying something and not the wrong things.

I think that Christianity is a process of renewing your mind daily.

You must be studying the word of God constantly so that you can know which area your mind should be constantly changing.

I am changing my mind in the area of my family, health, future etc. I was doing that last year, I am still doing it this year and will still be doing it next year. That is the Christian life.

Lay aside all naughtiness and superfluity of nothingness…

Drop everything that does not matter. Let it go. Let it go so that your heart may be able to receive the word of God that can save your soul.

The word can save your soul but you must let go of everything else so that your heart may be open to receive the engrafted word.


hop_duck half_full_or_half_empty___by_mcdarius-d3k9dj8

 Half full or half empty? How do you see it? Your perspective matters

You should adjust that perspective to God’s word.


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