I created this…

I saw this on a lovely blog. So I decided to copy. Sheathe your swords people, I copy but I always innovative. I feel uncomfortable photocopying other people’s work. The award I gave myself is the Liebster award.


The Liebster award is awarded to bloggers with under 200 followers to try to promote their blog a little and also bring together a community of bloggers.

The rules of the competition are as follows:

  • The nominated user must provide a link back to the person who nominated them.
  • Provide 11 facts about yourself.
  • Answer 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  • Choose 11 more people and ask them 11 questions!

I celebrated peeps in my blog, my other blog, please visit it and get to know the ladies.

First Part: 11 Facts About Me

  1. I wanted to study computer science when I was 16
  2. I used to write and scribble on anything that looked like paper.
  3. I used to be afraid of dogs, when I gave my life to Christ, if a dog barked at me, I refused to run.
  4. I played the clarinet when I was in JS1, I was interested but not interested enough.
  5. I have 6 siblings and I visited my cousins for the first time when my grandfather was being buried.
  6. I believe that I will become great!
  7. My feet are always the first to get cold and I turn up my toes when I am nervous.
  8. I don’t do online relationships or meets, Cynthia is dead so go figure!
  9. I volunteer for the kind of charities I would have worked in if I was mother Teresa.
  10. My grandma used to call me Tessa.
  11. I like to believe that I am perfect but I aint!

Second Part: 44 Christians, I need to make it interesting!

Questions from Claudette: Fun ones! (I don’t know her but I like the questions)

  1. Spiders – yes or no? No way. I kills daddy-long-legs a type of spider as a hobby. I was very daring as a child and once got stung by a wasp I was chasing, I think I was 11
  2. If snails had hands, would you shake them (their hands, not the snails)? I am not into snails, I have eaten them sha just to break that fetish Delta people have, I am Zion now!
  3. Sweet or Salty? Sweet. I love chocolates
  4. Are you left or right handed? Right handed.
  5. Do you sing? I don’t sing, I worship, just because God loves to hear me sing to Him
  6. Do you have a Manual or Automatic Drivers Licence? I know how to drive, I don’t have a car yet. I should abi
  7. Cats or dogs, rabbits or guinea pigs, or other small pet-like animals? I love cute puppies. Will you take it off me when I am older?
  8. Skirts, dresses or jeans and trousers? Denim for sure and now I am older, dresses too.
  9. If you had to choose your version of Hell, would it be Hot or Cold, or totally Pink? Hell is alien to me, I am not choosing anything about it.
  10. Will the end the world be a Whimper or a Bang? Iam called to shine forth His glory, what do you think? I will make my mark by the grace of God. The earth will know that someone came. Much like my grandma, but she had been praying for years that I would do better so certainly better.
  11. Hankies of Tissues? Hankies.

Questions from SarahRhea745: Challenging ones!

  1. Who was the last person you said “I love you”? My family.
  2. Who would you want to play you if your life was a movie? One of Jesus disciples, they did a lot of awesome things on earth.
  3. You win the lottery, all debt has been paid off and you’ve already given money to your friends and/or family to help them out, what is your first frivolous purchase for yourself? I would go shopping for clothes
  4. Day or Night? Night. I work best at night.
  5. You’re having a dinner party with 3 guests…who is with you? This is the twist…1 is living, 1 is dead, 1 is a fictional person or being. I don’t associate with dead people, either my family or my friends
  6. Sara Bareilles, Audrey Hepburn and Jess from New Girl Audrey hepburn
  7. Guiltiest pleasure? Chocolates
  8. Where are you in 10 years? Married with grown kids fulfilling purpose on earth, visiting charities once a month, inventing stuff, creating solutions and most especially walking in love and showing people agape.
  9. What is your favorite color? Orange
  10. Do you have a token (book, bear, blanket, etc…) of your childhood you haven’t been able to let go? Nope
  11. What’s your favorite curse word? If you don’t have one, what’s your favorite word? Holy Spirit
  12. When all your dreams come true, who do you want standing beside you? (bonus kudos if you know where this question comes from) My parents and my future husband.

Questions from amforte66: Serious ones!

  1. How are you, really? Tired.
  2. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? I know I’m an introvert but I enjoy being an introvert when I need to be
  3. Mathlete or Athlete? Athlete, I love volley ball.
  4. What is your favorite television show and what do you like about it? Game of thrones and Scandal
  5. What have you learned today? I downloaded some books on social media, I am constantly reading up so that I can always provide the best service. I am an information junkie.
  6. What is a habit you have that you like? I sing worship music and drive people nuts, anyone around me goes gaga when I sing, like help!
  7. What’s the biggest personal change you’ve ever made? Still doing, renewing my mind with God’s word
  8. What’s the stupidest thing you’ve ever done? Hmmm, I once got an answer wrong in an exam because I didn’t want to cheat even though someone already told me. I wrote the wrong answer.
  9. What are some of your favorite websites? Besides the social networking sites, I also enjoy browsing through http://www.facebook.com and http://www.twitter.com
  10. What’s something most people don’t know about you? I am a softie but I have got a strong will which I do my best not to depend on.
  11. What do you like about blogging? It freed me from being silent all the time.

Questions from Enissa: Interesting ones!

  1. What was the last book you read and why? I read a book by ‘the man God uses’ by oswald J Smith and I am currently reading ‘An enemy called average’ so I can start going the extra mile to the third power.
  2. What inspires you more than anything? God. I am not religious. I am born again and getting to be Christ-like more and more everyday. I am also learning to love people since the job of changing people doesn’t belong to me but to the Holy Ghost.
  3. Who is someone you know that you respect and admire? Why? (no one Famous): My grandmother. I admire her prayer life. She is consistent as the clock.
  4. What is a gift or talent that you have? Writing & being intuitive.
  5. What qualities do you love about yourself? I always walk in the light of God’s word.
  6. What qualities do you wish you can change or strongly dislike? I would like to be more yielded to God.
  7. What pivotal moment made you start your blog? Why? I always love to write and to express myself, talking does get boring for me except I have something solid to say.
  8. Where do you see yourself five years from now? I would be running my company and married with two kids, expecting the third.
  9. What is your favorite t.v. show and why? Scandal, I love Olivia Pope, she is very intelligent and a terrific dresser and a compassionate heart but someone who knows how to tell the truth that should hurt you to prompt you to move forward in your decision making and yet not hurt you. (Season 1 & 2)
  10. What is your favorite ice cream flavor? Strawberry jare. Even though I am not really into the things of the world anymore. If I can’t have it, I can do without it.
  11. What type of music do you like? Rock music

Third Part: My Set of Questions

  1. What made you smile today? Have I smiled today? Yeah. I watched this video on Youtube on a young lady who was learning the right way to witness Christ and the wrong way to witness Christ. She wrote several words on a cardboard of how her life was and how it is now and I was just touched, I said, I should do this. Make a video to witness Christ that an atheist will look at without spewing hate at Christians, something that would be a seed that can germinate and gather rewards for me in heaven. (It isn’t bad to be selfless so someone can meet Jesus)
  2. Backstreet Boys or NSYNC? I don’t have the patience to watch them anymore. I am into TobyMac.
  3. What’s the soundtrack of your life? Brooke Fraser’s CS Lewis song on her Albertine Album. and her ‘Sailboats’ more.220px-BrookeyFrase Brooke-Fraser-brooke-fraser-27912817-300-375


  • Brooke Fraser: Singer of the song ‘SailBoats’

    1. What movie made you cry? I am soppy. I cry about any movie about love and sincerity. or real life stories, I am a sucker for happy endings. I hate horror etc because I believe that whatever we create in our imagination and otherwise affects the world we live in.
    2. What’s your favorite fruit? Why? Pineapple. It is sweet, it has loads of water and since I don’t like water very much, it is a substitute and it makes my skin look really great. So I love fruits but mainly pine apple.
    3. Who’s your childhood or teenage celebrity crush? Many movie stars and some real folks.
    4. What do you value most? God, my family, my legacy
    5. What do you want others to learn from your blog? To get a taste of the Holy Ghost. Church is not just Sundays and one day in the week, church is knowing who you are in Christ and how you live the rest of your week to the glory of the Lord, God.
    6. Where do you want to travel next (or first)? Bahamas
    7. What is the most challenging goal in your bucket list? To live, to truly live everyday and not get distracted. To love other people like Jesus would if he were walking the earth. To live life with my 100%, always present.
    8. Before you die, who do you want to kiss? Wow. I don’t plan on kissing anyone except the man I marry. Why will I be sharing the mouth about. I want to be able to lift my head up everyday not because of self righteousness but because I am honoring my king (crazy right?). Kissing is a pretty serious thing, you shouldn’t be sharing it around.

    Last Part: Now, it’s your turn! Maybe you have already been nominated by someone else but I checked your blog and you haven’t posted it yet…

    I am not nominating anyone, enjoy


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