I think this is my best post this year

I have the power to influence my world. It starts with my immediate environment or my immediate sphere of influence. I have always had coaches and I catch on very fast

Something God put in me early in life, it is His very image.

I see and I understand.

I experimented with it as an unbeliever. When someone offended me, because I was smarter than them, and I am. It is just a statement of fact, it is simply knowing who you are. I would use my analytical mind and pick all the flaws about them and I have a terrific memory. I would tell them every single fault that I could see about them all without saying ‘you are mad‘, ‘you are crazy‘, ‘you are dumb‘ and the like. That is terribly childish. I am too smart for that. This usually made the said person very angry, and they would try to get back at me with physical strength or other stuff. i just laughed and walked away. Getting born again, the Holy Ghost said I would have to get rid of those habits if I wanted a relationship with Him. I did, so I learnt to look back at people offending me or being nasty and let it go.

It wasn’t that I couldn’t hit back, I was blessed with intelligence enough to do them emotional harm that would last days, months and years but I had to drop that power if I wanted heavenly power. I wanted the fruits of the spirit so bad, I wanted to manifest the image of God that He said is in me. I would pray these scriptures Isaiah 11, and I will be quoting “...and she shall not judge after the hearing of her ear or the seeing of her eyes” I would be screaming it. “And she shall rule with equity…”. the scripture is about Jesus but because I am a heir of Christ, it is also about me. I would jump up and yell, “…she shall be blessed with the spirit of counsel and might and the fear of the Lord”. I was preparing for kingship. God has made me a king and everyday He is watching me to see.

My daughter, knows she is a king, she will act like me, today“.

As I went about my business, the Holy Ghost would say:

You know what to do“.

Sometime I would do right and do what the Holy Ghost is saying and all the while my flesh would be saying: “Forget that thing jare, hit back” I didn’t get it right all the time, I got the point, God is interested in this. He wants to see how I respond. So I would do right and be affronted all day after that. Then I would want to pray and I would be talking to myself. I would just say I am sorry and promise to do right the next day. I always had the desire to please God. So I prayed about it and I would go the next day, pleasing God at the forefront of my mind. I put God on my mind. I gave Him the place of importance. When I forget, I try to remember who’s important. Who am I giving first place?

Well that’s that.

I used my powers of being detailed and observant and I would note the flaws and then compliment them so that they would have the courage to try something their fears usually told them they couldn’t do. People basically fear failure and so are unwilling to try something new. It is why I am so good with teenagers. I believe that God is inside every man.

Every man is the image of God. They have a spirit in them that is unbeatable just because they are made by God.

I mean every man has the potential to be a nation builder or a devil incarnate. That is why it is so important who the teachers and the trainers and the coaches are.

When I got born again, I needed to change the things that I was hearing. I am excellent at taking instructions. Someone preached about renewing your mind. You will never become bigger than the way your mind thinks. Before you start feeling helpless, your mind is your property, it doesn’t belong to anyone else. In this world your mind will either be controlled by God or by the enemy. You can determine who your surrender your mind to be ruled by.

Have you heard of mind control?

It is nothing new.

Let’s take a scripture.

Romans 12:2 says:

2 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

This means that you can determine who rules your mind. It is not by your will. Will power fails. It is by what you meditate on. If you didn’t read your bible this morning, you didn’t program your mind and so your environment will control you. Or the people you come across, their words and thoughts will control you and the things you do, say or the way you act.


One practical thing I did was I bought two tape, one by Jaci Velasquez and another by Rachel Lampa. I got up by 5am every morning and I put on the tapes about God’s love, His kindness and His purpose for His creation. I put it on a radio. It wasn’t mine. It belonged to a lady called Folake. I talked with her and she didn’t have a problem with it. So every morning between 5 am and 7 am we all listened to that tape back to back. It was beautiful worship music. I was soothed and calm and a couple of people complained. I would go to the radio and lower. Over the next couple of months, I wasn’t always the one who put it on, Isioma got there before me or Pelumi or Peju. We were about 17-20 in that room and soon everyone of them was attending one fellowship or the other. The only thing I noticed was that when I went around raising money for something we wanted to do in my fellowship (That was my representation of building God’s kingdom at the time), they willingly gave. That was one of my lessons in adding value to the people around you. I added value to them and soon they came to associate God with love and not punishment.

So when people ask, what do you do? I say I add value. I am a social media manager but I am also a builder, I know how to build people. I build them with God’s word. I am a restorer of broken places. I am a repair of the breach. I don’t complain or criticize, I build up become I am empowered by the Holy Spirit to do.

So who are you going to influence today?

I am 5 4′ inches tall. I am petite. I also know who I am. Because of the power of the Holy Spirit in me I am unstoppable. He is the one with the power but because I am willing He can operate on earth through me. I have the backing of heaven. I am also ruled by the love of God.

How did he prepare me for that? God made me pray for the people who were good to me and also for those who offended me. I used to cry as I prayed for them in 2002 but with that I learnt to pray for any and everyone when God asked in spite of their actions. Being trained by the Holy Ghost isn’t pleasant but the rewards are eternal.

God bless you all.

I used to sing this song in catholic church…yeah I started knowing about God even then. I didn’t get to meet him till I was a full fledged teenager but I did have an inkling of who he was.

“Your love is like a burning fire within my very soul, within my very soul… your love is like a burning fire within my very soul, within my very soul”


Theresa Doghor is a social media manager who believes that trends and technology will shape the future in the years to come and there are huge opportunities available for the man who is willing to add value and fill the vacancy God has for people who are about His kingdom. Whatever happens in this time may pose dangers for the earth but for citizens of God’s kingdom, it is for their GOOD.

She manages this site http://www.udookonjo.com. Visit for resources and new opportunities.


16 thoughts on “I think this is my best post this year

    • Hello! Good to hear from you

      Friend certainly. That position is reserved for the LORD Jesus. I love saying that my best friend was born in a manger.
      Thanks for asking and I hope you would be satisfied with friend. I am interested in a guest post collabo, is that what it is called. How would you love to do a guest post for moi? I will do the same for you any time you ask.

      Would you like to write you or shall I write it for you?


  1. Wow! This is a powerful piece. Reading this, I’m encouraged to attach importance to every phase I find myself in, as I am there to shine the light. To be an influencer. To be a builder. Lovely piece.

    I am so glad I found your blog [after you found me.lol]

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very lovely piece.

    “So when people ask, what do you do? I say I add value. I am a social media manager but I am also a builder, I know how to build people. I build them with God’s word. I am a restorer of broken places. I am a repair of the breach. I don’t complain or criticize, I build up become I am empowered by the Holy Spirit to do.”

    That paragraph is really profound. At the end of the day, what we are all called to do on earth is to be ambassadors of Jesus Christ. Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank God for the Holy Ghost. He is a good leader.

    I do add value. The Holy Ghost is my power and my strength, He is my strong tower and my leader. All that I do is obey really.
    I pray for grace to be more obedient and alert to God daily in Jesus name, amen


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