Monday Things… (June)

Happy New Month

You might not see it on my face (my bestie says I have an unreadable face but totally readable body language) but I am so excited! I truly am. My insides are bursting with joy.

It’s the month of June. I have a sister and a niece born in the month of June and so many great friends also. So there is just something about this June that is making me go aaah! I believe a lot of phenomenal things will be happening this June. Just watch out for it.

It has been a while. While I have been away, I started a novel.

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I write it on the spot, I write it every wednesday.

I have been trying to write since 1998. Yeah, I am not kidding. I finally discovered the secret to writing. Just write. Don’t plan to write. It can be found at Please read, comment and share it for your friends and loved ones.

I am planning to start another that I will write and post every saturday. Happy reading!

In other news… I discovered something.





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I am still in training for entrepreneurship.

I have visited trainings and many online sites to learn entrepreneurship. Many of these organizations promise a lot and it comes up empty.


I found something that works. A friend directed me to the site, it was created to teach and empower you how to begin your business, stay afloat and still be flourishing past the fifth year.

entrepreneurship 2

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I hate statistics but it is a reality of our generation.

8 out of 10 businesses don’t survive past the 5th year or something like that. Common sense says that you should find someone who has succeeded at business and get mentored. I picked a lady business person. So cliche.


Here is what I have learned from her.

The text in red are her words.

The ones in black are mine.

The ‘Master Mind’ may be defined as: “coordination of knowledge and effort in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.” Do you have your own business? Do you dream of starting one? Are you stuck somewhere in the middle? Do you simply want to get ahead in your current company? No matter where you are in your journey, this is the place for you to connect with like-minded people who can help hold you accountable for achieving your biggest dreams.

Half the population in Nigeria is floating in this bracket. Did you hear the statistics on this? Over 50% of the Nigerian youth is unemployed. The other half, aren’t doing so good either. 

Like i said, I hate statistics. What are the odds of beating the statistics? You need the God-factor and then you need to  be trained. If you refuse training, you will become a statistic.

“Opportunities do not float like clouds. They are firmly attached to individuals. If you’re looking for an opportunity, you’re really looking for people. If you’re evaluating an opportunity, you’re really evaluating people. If you’re trying to marshal resources to go after an opportunity, you’re really trying to enlist the support and involvement of other people. A company does not offer you a job, businesses and people do.


Can you hear that? All those crazy ideas you had about not needing people, uh huh.

You do. This is the future baby!


Picture courtesy:

Yeah, if you have been in the business of entrepreneurship, you must have had that client that wanted something for nothing, can I get a witness?

Maybe you also met that client that paid you peanuts for something. The business relationship didn’t go quite well, did it?

It won’t and it can’t because people buy value. If you have value, but you are not getting value for your input, a disconnection would happen soon, or value would change to substandard.

Who wants substandard?

I vote nay!

Point 1: You need people

Point 2: You need to have value

Point 3: You are looking for clients who are willing to pay for value.

Opportunities flow through congregations of people. Those with good ideas.

There is no such thing as scarcity. It only exists in the mind of that one without any imagination. There are always resources, our prayer is that our eyes will be opened to see the resources that God is sending our way. Be it a person, a friend, a prophet (I almost hated this word growing up because fake ones abound. I have met real ones too.) or whoever, the resources are around you, ask God to open your eyes and expect the best.

For more lessons on being an entrepreneur, visit

Come back and say thank you afterwards.



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