Hello people,

It has been a while

All things are working together for good

Dreaming, achieving, furthering God’s kingdom

Attaining the purpose of God for my life (as much as is revealed)

I used the term ‘unstoppable’ because its been a while I made those confessions that I am unstoppable

I do know I am anyways

God is for me, with me and in me. He is working for me.

Looking forward to the Easter season next week

It is all about ‘Jesus’ and His resurrection and His purpose, now ours.

Easter is about our victory in Christ

What He’s accomplished at the cross (the human mind can’t make sense of it)

It is about where He is seated with God at His right hand of authority

Where I am seated also by the grace of God and His choice

Easter, resurrection Sunday reminds me that I am a new creation

and all the accompanying benefits

No doubt, next week is going to be amazing!


2 thoughts on “Unstoppable!

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