I am bold about my faith in Jesus Christ, it is not the first thing I talk about when I meet you but I will eventually get around to it. It is not to act superior to you but it is simply because I live different. I live kingdom in a world desperately trying to bring people under the cover of darkness. In that kind of world, God has chosen me to be the light. I have been chosen for light to shine out of me. Just like Jesus.

It is said of him in John 1:4-5 “In Him was life; and the life was the light of men. And the light shineth in darkness; and the darkness comprehended it not“.

And the life was the light of men strikes my soul. Jesus is that light. The life in Him is my light. He is my  light so I can never be in darkness or ignorant. Anyone that doesn’t have Jesus doesn’t have that life and that light, it is my responsibility to shine that light. Jesus is living in me, He is the light in me.

I committed to win 20 souls. I can do it.


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Who’s the boss? The Holy Spirit is!

I am capable of anything. I can do all that God wants me to do. When I first started fasting, I fasted with my fellowship and it was my first time fasting till 6pm. I didn’t eat before prayers and so I ended up eating at about 9 pm when the prayers finished. I was on air, I wasn’t feeling anything. I went to Mariere complex to eat in the first boot and after putting some ‘amala’ in my mouth, I was like ‘thank God o’ (I bought two wraps) after the fourth bite, I was like doubled over and grabbing my belly. The lady selling ran to me in alarm. The most I had experienced was shivers at about 3pm when my body was having ‘cold turkey’ from no food for long periods. She gave me a bag of pure water. At the time I was still doing ‘shakara’ but mehn, my belly didn’t want any of that. I gobbled all the water and ended up waiting for 15 minutes before eating half of the ‘amala‘. As much as I tried, I couldn’t eat any more, all that was going through my mind was how I had praying meeting the next day and that meant no food until 9 pm. This time, I will be sure to drink all of the pure water before attempting to eat any of the ‘amala‘ at all. When I talked with the leaders, I discovered that they weren’t eating at all, they were drinking one pack of five alive and that was it.

After that, I didn’t complain once no matter the discomfort I felt, I surrendered myself to the training. It was operation ‘teach my body’ who is in charge. It was not my body or my soul; my spirit was boss. Although I never forgot that you drank all the water you had first. Soon my body understood that it couldn’t have food when it wanted, it had to wait for the rule of the spirit, it was one of the lessons in surrendering all to the Holy Spirit.

‘Amala’ :- A black disgusting looking stuff, taste okay sha, I learned to eat it while in college.

Cold Turkey :- shivers/shakes the human body experiences when it has been deprived from anything, usually drugs.

‘Shakara’ :- Having class or quiet elegance




2 thoughts on “#Thankful

  1. Is Amala really disgusting? if we catch you from ogbomosho…lol .I grow up to like that food, although not really anymore.

    ( Soon my body understood that it couldn’t have food when it wanted, it had to wait for the rule of the spirit) I like that. This brings home the lesson of putting the demands of the spirit before that of the flesh.

    I am so happy for you.


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