Ever controversial moi…

‘The Bible tells us that sin and all its effects will not have dominion in your life when you are under God’s grace’.

Reference scripture: Romans 6: 14

The first time I heard that Christ carried everything on the cross, I was like ‘Okay, let me consider it’.

I thought about it, here, there and about and then I checked the bible to be sure that, that was what the bible said and then I said ‘Okay, this is a prayer point that is valid, something God can hear. I began praying it.

Today I just check in to see what the things that are included in the things that God carried on the cross and if I see them in my life, I know that they have no legal right to be there, and whatever has no legal right can be spoken to.

Scriptures says that ‘if we allow it, God will allow it’ but ‘if we disallow it, God will disallow it also’ So the ball is in my court and whatever has not been ordained by God has no room in my life. If it has been ordained by God though, I smile and welcome the goodness of God and enjoy all that His presence brings with His presence in my life.

‘Know ye not that ye are the temple of God…’

Jesus living in me, the Spirit of God living in me, it is a big deal. Just like the treasures in earthen vessels.




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