What am I saying? Offence is bad, conquer it!

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God gives confidence
Not self confidence but confidence because you are loved and accepted in the beloved.

I don’t speak because I am a master over offence

Okay by the grace of God, I am a master over offence

I walk in love because the love of God has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost.

I learn about offence from the Syrophoenician woman; she is admirable.

She is my hero. She is the one I look at and line. She is the one I think of when I decide to let an offence go.

Offence is the enemy of my destiny so I will not nurse her in my reins when my reins were created to birth the

plan of God for my life.

I guard my heart jealously so much you will probably see me and describe me as that selfish melancholy


I have learned that my heart is so important

I have known the pain of being frozen and unable to be useful to God because my chest and my insides are frozen

A place that is created to nurse my dreams is ineffective because the environment is wrong, God is giving me all the

right things but because my garden is full of weeds of offence, I can’t receive even His love talk less of His destiny for me

Never tell yourself that you can’t forgive, you are so not ordinary

God created you right, teach yourself by the help of the Holy Spirit how to allow the love of God saturate your heart and

absorb all the hurts, anger, fears, that would crystallize in your heart and make you ineffective.

Guard your heart

Fill it with God’s love

Understand your priorities

Take your place daily as a daughter of the King

Put your trust in the almighty God

If anyone offends you, even if it is 490 times, that means that you will pray 490 times that day

You will pray to God about the hurt and ask Him to handle it

Refuse to overload your heart, leave it open for God all the time

Don’t fill it with burdens, hurts, that endless list of the people you will revenge against

recognize who God has made you

You are created to live above the forces of darkness, no matter how scary they seem, they are powerless

and mere shadows created to deceive you

You are created to live above the principles of this life

The things that stop others, scare others, limit others, slow others down; will work for your good

You are a child of the son, a son brought up and taught to obey the voice of God

His love for you is unending, enduring, legit; for no good reason or bad reason

God loves you

Give Him His place; be a child to Him but more than that, accept the help of the Holy Ghost daily

He is yours

You are His

He desires to help you daily



God gave me the courage to write this after I read “Voice of the Covenant” by Jesse Duplantis. He said living in offence is like God giving you Lekki to live in and then you find your way to Ajegunle and stay there. Error! I pray this sets someone free from carrying offences and giving it the place you should give God.

The Syrophoenician refused to be offended and she got the best of God, grow up spiritually, leave offences behind, cry if you have to, pray if you have to but drop offences at the altar of God and move forward.


2 thoughts on “What am I saying? Offence is bad, conquer it!

  1. Interesting article. You wrote: ‘absorb all the hurts, anger, fear that will crystallise in your heart…’ The word you were looking for is ‘release’. We never really get to the point where offence doesn’t affect us. We just grow in grace and become better at dealing with it and releasing it.


    • Actually God’s love does absorb all the hurts, anger and fear
      He absorbs it till it exists no more
      It is not something tangible, it is intangible.
      You can get offended everyday but you can also allow God absorb it.
      Thanks for your contribution.


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