Christ centered…

Christ centred

Righteousness Consciousness



All of them are words,

You might think that they are topics

That is only if you think that God is a topic too

All those words describe the person of Jesus and who He is to you


I have found it easier to just say

“God I don’t know how to get to point A, just help me”

And do you know what, He provides what I need

and gives me exceeding more

He provides what I don’t know that I need.

It just makes me ask, Why don’t you trust Him?

Your words say that you do

But your actions are kind of contrary

This God loves you

Don’t exclude communication to prayer times

Talk to Him all the time; it will be worth your while

Not to mention a great position for God to show up

and give you GOOD!

Imma stay there, in that place, where I am positioned to receive

all of His GOODness, favour, good plans and all that He has.



2 thoughts on “Christ centered…

  1. Thanks dearie. Such a relatable post, I love it. Jesus is real, Christianity is a relationship, so i talk to God on the go and just tell Him the way it is. That is just life and peace. This post blessed me. Have a lovely lovely week ahead.


  2. Yay
    Eloho came to read my blog
    Yeah, I forget sometimes and become legalistic
    But it just drains me and gets me to the place where I am screaming
    God, where are you?
    and He just say, I am right here; I never left, what do you need?
    And at that moment I am just glad to be in His presence till I wander away again
    Imma practice consistency in fellow-shipping with Him by His grace.


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