This is unbelievable – but true


Ever felt like setting the pace for God?
I feel that way all the time.
In fact I do my part in setting the pace all the time.
Problem is, it is not up to me to set the pace, it is up to me to me to follow

Sometime I am a brat, I go “Ohh God now…”
Or “God not now…”

But I kid myself
Because I am on His time table
I just like to imagine a lot of times that I am in control

But that is not what I want to talk about today:
I want to talk about the Christian

In 2006, I first heard of the new creation being a supernatural being because of Zoe the life of God that is inside the Christian. You have to think on a whole new level to even imagine that, maybe voltron things.

But seriously, what if you don’t know that there is Zoe in your spirit, what if you think Christianity is just about obeying a bunch of rules, you have exchanged God for your wicked school master in primary or maybe secondary school?
I mean how indefatigable can you really see yourself if you think that you are defined by the softness of your flesh or the blood that flows in your veins?
Let’s go back to the word

(My pastor always says the answer is in the word, you must search the scriptures)

Jesus said (John 1:12) I am going to use the KJV version because it is closer to the Greek translations.

But as many as RECEIVED him, to them he gave power to become the sons of God, even to them that BELIEVE on his name. Who were born, NOT OF BLOOD, NOR OF THE WILL OF THE FLESH, nor of THE WILL OF MAN but of God“.

This verse tells me that God gave me the power to be his son. Me o, not seven foot men (they are included sha as long as they are born again). It was not a decision of blood (passing kingship rights), it wasn’t my blood group or my blood line that decided it (the power to be osu or not) it wasn’t because I willed it or because any man willed it (not God fatherism).

I can decide to walk downstairs to get a bottle of coke and chips, that is my will or a will of my flesh, it is something my mind conceived, took an active part and made a decision about. The Salvation of my soul, my becoming a son of God was not a decision I took with open eye, it was my receiving and believing him that did it; it was a decision of the heart (I always say an army of people were probably praying for me).

There’s a saying we used to say in fellowship those days: there are some people that did not need the grace of God, they were holy from the womb but thank God for those of us who needed the grace of God. I am glad that I needed the grace of God, I couldn’t have done it myself, my mother and father couldn’t have done it for me, only God’s grace could have. When my pastor says this, people would be catching revelations, I don’t think I quite understood everything, I was just glad I was saved. It was a snail’s crawl that got me there (story for another day).

What am i saying?

Don’t just let being ‘supernatural‘ be head knowledge or a crowd-mentality thing, You need to know that you are supernatural because zoe – the life of God is in you. You need to know at midnight when the shadows dancing across the windows are scaring you, “I have the life of God in me, I have the life of God in me“, you need to know when your wife is in hospital delivering that as much as you are standing there closeby, it is the Most High Elyon who is there with her, inside her heart that you are trusting in above the doctors expertise. You just need to know this Chrristian things; it is not a game, it is a relationship between the two most unlikely peeps ever, the Most High God and a human being, weak frail, ordinary when you compare him to the massive beautiful angels, the stars and skies.

It amazed me that God would want to befriend me. I just wanted him to be up that and making all the decisions that make intergalactic universe run. Man is special because s/he is in union with the Holy Spirit, God lives in her/him. That’s the extra touch, the life of God in a man, awesome thing, no one quite understands it fully but I “KNOW”

If you are still in rules and regulations stage, the enemy will play football with you. If you say you are Christian, it is a strong advice that you should into the habit of studying the word because even if you don’t know who you are, the enemy does. You need to live a different life; different from before you got saved. You need to live the victorious Christian life; that self reproducing indestructible life; that is the life that you have got, don’t let anyone tell you different.

Dominion is more than just a word, it is a position that God has called you to. If things of the flesh like gossiping, malice, and evil speaking still has a hold on you, the enemy has given you an assignment to distract you from discovering who you are. Drop those weights and run into God’s presence and cry to Him and ask Him to show you who you are, to teach you why you are on earth. Talk to God!

I was going to say something about the spiritual

In the realm of the spirit, ignorance is not a defence.
Get to know the spiritual laws and operate them
Walk in love always, any time you forget and express different the enemy is distracting you with unimportant stuff.

Consider all the things you talk about, are angry about, judge others about, feel judged about; they fade in the light of eternity, FOCUS!

I remembered:

When the enemy tries to make you feel bad about your past, don’t buy it, He just wants to steal your boldness and take your dominion away from you; God sees you as His righteousness.
Remember Jesus and how He paid on the cross, no mercy was given to him he paid for sin, its consequences, peace (Read Isaiah 53 so that you are convinced)

Declare to yourself: “I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus”

Too long but I just needed to pour it all out

This is for everyone but I can tell you now that those who need grace will drink it up like a man in thirst, the pharisees will criticize every line and say ‘grace will not cover everything, you must pay for some things, the atheist will say these crazy people have started again, I am just praying that you reading it will decide to be a thirsty man who is in need of water and that you will drink and be full and that the spirit of God will take this and minister life into your soul, your family, your business, your destiny, that you will come in contact with the life (zoe- the life of God) that graced me and changed me and made me new.

Just a word of advice: Peace is a weapon, learn to garrison your heart with peace, that peace that passes all understanding, the saints couldn’t describe it any other which way; neither can I.


9 thoughts on “This is unbelievable – but true

  1. I really enjoyed reading ur post and the part…I nearly thought for a second that u were talking about me. You can tell a lovely heart just by reading what someone wrote and u’re totally that. Cherios


  2. Are you sure?

    Are you really sure? Or you just want to stop this little boasting girl in her tracks.

    Who do you think that you are anyway to make such boasts? Why don’t you just shut your trap?

    Yeah. You are not the first. And let me answer you. “I am a daughter of the King. I am a son of God. He knows my name and He loves me dearly. I am fully persuaded and convinced that nothing can separate me from His love. I am His favored one. I know. I am special in His sight. His countenance is lifted up for me. He considers me important enough for Him to stand for me. I am an important man’s daughter (God na my papa)”

    Read Romans 8:16 again then tell me that we are all sons of God
    I can’t speak for you but I can speak for myself
    “I am a son of God”
    I am not trying to prove anything. It is just something I know
    I am not trying to compete with you or anyone else. Life is too important to use to play childish games.

    Look at the big picture. What does God think about you? What does God think about me? What does God think about it all? That is all that matters to me. Everything else fades away when I consider eternity that is why it is so easy for me to forsake all else and consider what God thinks before I take my decisions

    “I am led by the Spirit of God and I am a son of God”.


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