Flesh vs Spirit

“That the righteousness of the law may be fulfilled in us, who walk not according to the flesh, but according to the Spirit”.

This is a true fact.

Everyday I want to walk in the Spirit, I see the flesh trying to stick its head where it is not wanted.

When will I have this act perfect, I wonder?

I see it in others

But mostly I see it in myself

When I want to rest in a particular position

I go through the word and I see

“Those who are in the flesh cannot please God”

and pleasing God is the goal of my life

I want to please Him in my words, thoughts and actions

I want to please God above all others

To do that I would have to walk in the Spirit

To walk in the Spirit, I would have to put myself under

and obey God

Obey His will concerning me

Align myself to His plan concerning me

And live that victorious Christian life I set out to live

on the 21st March 2001

Sometime i think I was better then at least in some things

But really I am just always forgetting the things that are behind

And focus on the things ahead so that I am not paralyzed

I am always trying to keep up with my relationship with God

to ensure that I am talking with Him always about every part of my life

so I don’t get stuck in the rat race

I am on the move

this walking in the spirit thing

I intend to do it by His grace

I choose to sow to the spirit

and live after the Spirit

The flesh will war against the Spirit for sure

But I maintain my position in Christ

I am led by His spirit and under the influence of the Holy Ghost daily

My personal prayer life is better



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