Today’s thought…

I love women ministers.

I love the male ministers too, but there are just some things that they just don’t get and for that, I would always pick a female Christian minister.

I love Joyce Meyer, she has got awesome amounts of courage, I read the book about her life, it was pretty difficult but she is a walking, talking miracle, I love Paula White also, just read her autobiography (I have an autobiography fetish), I love to read the autobiographies of great people.

I love @Mrsctruscott she is a Christian woman, no titles at all doing awesome ministry, cue to the females out there; don’t wait till you are ordained to affect the life of the man/woman/boy/girl around you, be a light!

You have been equipped; shine!

I love @Christinecaine, I have even written an article about her.

I love my cousin @chowilson, she’s starting a series of talks on youtube where she teaches about Jesus, no topics, it is all Christ centered.

The Word of God stands forever and is unwavering. Read it. Trust it. Believe it. Act on it! – Wendy Treat

Whatever you esteem as a reward is what you’ll pursue. If it’s applause & accolades, you’ll chase those. If it’s Christ, you’ll follow Him! – Christine Caine


I have been thinking of the law of love, the law of faith and the law of the spirit of life in Christ.

I have been thinking of the Lordship of the word, the Holy Ghost and love.

These are my meditations in the month of July but I am already thinking of it now, so it is research time; I won’t stop till I find what I am looking for; good thing that I am guided by the Holy Ghost cos I will find the right stuff.


Incomplete without saying thanks to all the female pastors who have impacted my life, some will remain nameless simply because I never asked them their names but in my heart their words are engraved and they are heroines: not perfect but God’s vessels all the same, I appreciate them so much.

I want to say thank you God for pastor Bukky for her teachings; I still remember “the hand of the diligent will bear rule” I am still working on it. pastor Dolapo, “you are a great encouragement for the beginning of my giving life to the kingdom. Pastor Lawunmi, i won’t forget those girl talks, they have framed me into the beautiful masterpiece of God today. Pastor Ifeanyi Adefarasin, I miss your ‘woman to woman’conferences, I can remember, value yourself, woman of God’ it stayed in my heart. pastor Jane Pela, you are a psalmist, you surrender yourself to be used by God, I learn daily to surrender myself to God also.

There are so many more and just because they don’t have titles doesn’t mean I don’t recognize them, my bunk mate wunmi, she was a muslim convert who wouldn’t let me be, if there a spirit filled program in school, she ensured I was invited; I did my first choreography in lag even though I wasn’t born again, to those who prayed endlessly, your prayers eventually turned me into an intercessor, I have the capacity to pray endlessly and tirelessly. I thank you.

For all those who helped me discover the woman I could be in God, God will not forget your labour of love and He will indeed increase the fruit of your righteousness in Him in Jesus name, amen.


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