Wide open spaces…

I chose the pics below intentionally because it represents thinking patterns

God is concerned about our thinking patterns

If we are ever going to enter into the awesome goodness He has for us 

We must change our thinking patternsImage

Let me use this illustration:
There is this story in the bible about giants and grasshoppers

Rewind a couple of months, God sent ten plagues on Egypt

and when he was done, Pharoah was railing and screaming

“Get out, get out all these Israelites, go and worship your God…” (my paraphrase)

But as the enemy is wont to do a lot of times, as soon as the Israelites were out of his sight

he was after them again with his men and on chariots

God being who He is, the Egyptians end up at the bottom of the sea wiped out.

They were down and out and now most of their fighting men were at the bottom of the ocean.

Knowing medieval times, the surrounding nations probably swooped in like vultures and took a spoil of them, that is if there was anything left after Israel was done


I am finally starting

Moses thinks hey, my people are finally free, maybe they fear God as much as I do.

So he picked 12 men from the different tribes and asked them to spy out a land that God wanted to give them, that because he (God) was with them, they would be able to take the land.

Twelve men visited Anak (I believe that is the name of the land where the other ten spies say they saw giants).

Ten saw giants and declared themselves grasshoppers

Two men saw a land flowing with milk and honey that they would be able to take because God said so.

All twelve men gave their reports

The ten men gave reports of how they knew the land would consume them and their children and how they would not be able to take it.

But Joshua and Caleb gave good reports but the heart of the people had already failed them. Everyone remembers this and talks about it.

What nobody talks about is that the ten men died! (NUmbers 14:36 – 38)

But Joshua and Caleb were spared.

But do you know what happened:

God said in Numbers 14:28 to Moses

Say unto them, As truly as I live saith the Lord, as you have spoken in mine ears so will I do to you

These men died in the dessert just as they said to God just because they thought they wer just on assignment, they didn’t know it was their life.

If you read the bible, one of the things that amazes is the fact that their clothes did not wear nor tear, their sandals also; and their bodies would have held too but their words had gone ahead of them. 

Watch your words

In God’s realm: you will have the things that you say so you better be careful what you are saying about yourself and your loved ones; God doesn’t joke.

I always tell my sister, don’t confuse your angels, don’t ask for what you don’t want because God gives you what you ask for.

Don’t ask for a BQ when you want a mansion.

Think big!

As big as you think, God will give it to you.

Your words will follow your thoughts and will produce actions

If you think big, soon you will be talking big!

And big things will follow you

Your visions will be big and God Himself will help you accomplish them

Your impact will be great!

With you and God, you will accomplish great things!


God will do to you what you say, so get rid of vain conversations and plot your future with your speaking!




(References: Numbers 13:25 – Numbers 14:10)



2 thoughts on “Wide open spaces…

  1. Thank you dear.
    I do my best to weed out the drab, corruption and
    keep the pure sincere milk of the word flowing through my heart
    It is like engine oil: If I put in the hate, malice, fear, the engine knocks
    but the word of God keeps it going and I am responsible to keep hearing God’s word
    No one can do that for me.
    I do my part and hear God’s word, God does His part and brings His word to pass.


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