Man starts out as this, in fact looks like this until he meets Christ

The old man so doesn’t look good


The new man in Christ…

Who can describe him?

Who can know him completely?

One thing is for sure

He is dominated by the spiritual not the senses

The senses cannot please God

The new man thinks kingdom, the old man thinks world system


…was on twitter this morning and I noticed this:


Abide a while in the first 3 chapters of Ephesians until you are lifted out of the senses into the realm of the new man in Christ” – E W Kenyon

I am still learning everyday about living in the realm of the new man in Christ instead of in the senses. It is not as easy as it looks but right there, in that spot where I stop operating by my senses but in the realm of the new man in Christ, that is where the victory lies.

The old man ends up as the new man

with a new man, with Christ put on

Marvelous Metamorphosis


It is only as one renews one’s mind daily that transformation occurs. In order to renew my mind daily, I choose:

I choose to renew my mind

So my assignment for this week is:

To read the three chapters of Ephesians everyday!


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