#Gi13 – the aftermath

I would like to say that #Gi13 Great Impact 2013

has come and gone

but this is just the beginning, the impact has just started.

Right now, I am so high but I know that the low times may come

But when they come, I am armed already…

With all the armour of God -with Christ

I know the times of pressure will come when I may doubt

But i have armed with the word of God

I am confident that His love surrounds me and is much more tangible

than this big bad world and all of satan and his cohorts

And even though I may forget sometimes who I am

I know that the Holy Spirit is around to remind me of the truth

And even when the crowd comes around me with their questions and

their arrow headed doubts

I know that what God has said and what I believe carries more weight

than 200,000 people shouting a lie that they believe.

This is post #Gi13

This is the time the real battle begins

The battle to stand your ground that what Jesus has said is true

That you’re rich and whole and that you have a purpose and a destiny

And that God is with you and that the Spirit of God is leading me.

That every day is a chance to express the glory of God inside of you.

And when the pressure comes to settle for what’s not you?

The Picture of me in You will be strong enough to keep me on course

and leave you as the truth teller and every other man a liar.

This is the story of how impact is made

One thing I came away from #Gi13 with that will certainly affect my words

thoughts and actions is “Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness”


Cross section of the meeting: Brethren were being edified!



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