Likes for the week-


Today I listened to Micah Stampley – ‘Heaven on Earth’

Two things stayed with me:

He said, “to be seated in heavenly places”, that it is like heaven on earth

To be walking in His favour and His graces, seems like heaven, heaven on earth

I have experienced this and this is my prayer to God everyday, that I experience this to a greater degree everyday.

One of my counsellors said, she wanted to teach me to focus that I was to always respond like the daughter of a king no matter how my outward environment was looking that I wasn’t to forget who I was at any point in time. No matter what anyone was saying about me or to me, I was to always remember and respond like the daughter of a king.

So this is what I am practicing right now

Now that I have counselors, I don’t feel so alone anymore. Or like a target anymore

I thank God for the mid wives He has sent my way.



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