Hate pictures, love pictures, can’t make up my mind…

Hate pictures, love pictures, can't make up my mind...

Finally took a pic
My hairstyle is scattered
Wish I was in front of a mirror,
Then I wouldn’t appear so flustered.

O, In my head this hair should look better
My sis doesn’t care.

Well, we made a camp of it i guess.
the sessions were good.

Old look, new look is the next two post below
I am wearing a green dress and not stressed.

Well this new camp is called “great impact”
I have an idea of what it should be

But Imma be abandoning all of my ideas
To embrace what the Holy Ghost will reveal
about His idea for great impact

Many say its Gi13
I agree
I pray I receive something bigger than I can imagine…

Something inside!


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