Do i have anything new to say?

I always have something to say

It depends on whether i am willing to say it.

I have the uncanny ability to maintain silence for long periods

This is because i grew up quiet, like really, really quiet

All those melancholic kids that were extremely quiet and geniuses

I don’t seem much of a genius anymore, at least there is nothing on

the externals to show that i am one

But you see, deep inside me, i am still convinced that God doesn’t make rubbish

God makes good stuff, masterpieces, great and mighty things, wonderful stuff

I am of God and made by God so i am a masterpiece; in the making

But in the eyes of God, i am already finished, complete.

“In the eyes of God, my inadequacies don’t matter…”

Strange word, now all i need to do is believe and take those steps.

Worship: Strange but awesome

Wish i was as spontaneous as when i was a teen; growing up is the pits!

Guess i can take solace in the God who can take you from the pits to the throne.

Confession for this month:

I walk in love anyway, anyhow

I function in Phronesis and Epignosis…


Sorry, no pics, need a nokia phone or my digital camera is calling me!


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